A fertile couple improves their chances of becoming pregnant within a year or so. This is followed by a figure that 92 % of couples conceive within a couple of years. Take into consideration that all these facts are mere averages. There are couples who have a higher monthly fertility average. It points to the fact that within a given month they can become pregnant. Within a couple of months they are likely to fall pregnant. There are other couples who have low fertility. The chances diminish at a considerable level of becoming pregnant. This means that you are taking a lot longer to become pregnant.

How long can it take to conceive would depend upon your age as well? A woman who is at their peak which is around 20 ages improves their chances of becoming fertile quickly. Once you touch 30 years or so the fertility rate decreases at an alarming level. For a couple of years a couple could try in order to become pregnant and this is normal. Though it could feel that things are not normal if it’s your case. Nearly half of the couples who are going to try to conceive within the first year if they keep on trying would conceive in the next year.

What are the reasons why it may take longer for you to become pregnant?

A lot of chances influence your chances of becoming pregnant and they include

  • In case if you are suffering from reproductive issues related to history of pelvic disorders
  • Your lifestyle, age along with type of job have a definite say
  • The age along with lifestyle of your partner
  • If you are overweight or underweight
  • The frequency of having sex
  • If you have any issue of chronic illness

If you are touching around 35 years or so and have been trying for a year to have a baby then get in touch with your GP. They could suggest some initial tips on how to improve the chances of becoming pregnant. If you are above 36 years or older then seek help at the earliest. The same logic applies if you are already having any issues as it may have a direct role in chances of you conceiving. Whatever could be the case it is better to get in touch with your GP to improve chances of you trying to conceive?

How to improve chances of becoming pregnant?

Ensure that both you and your partner are in tip top position in trying to get pregnant. Regular unprotected sex is the key and it is not ok to have sex in a week. Instead frequency of sex should increase to 3 or 4 times within a week. This might drastically improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

In certain cases your lifestyle would make sex a bit tricky. Some simple methods should be tried so that lifestyle does not take over your life. Relying on an ovulation calendar you can plan your sex frequency.