Here is the ideal morning routine for you to make it a perfect day.

Do Not Touch the Phone Until…..

Even though you’re not responding, may seem like the end of the world, your social media accounts can take a backseat to your real life. When you wake up in the morning, your mind needs to be on relaxed and allowed to gently come to life. So, after shutting off your alarm, leave the phone alone. Social media too often brings bad news into your life and turning to it first can set up your entire day on a negative note. A healthy start to your day is think about what you want to accomplish throughout the day, who you want to reach out to, what you want for lunch. All things that can better you and your quality of life. There will be plenty of time after a nice shower, breakfast and coffee, to find out who did what to whom and then comment about it. With this approach, you may find you need to check your phone less, maybe rarely, or not at all.

Drink Water

After sleeping all night, one of the first things your body needs is some hydration. It kick starts your metabolism, gets things flowing and gets your digestive system ready for action. Because more than sixty percent of our bodies is made of water, we need it constantly throughout the day. After a long sleep we are always dehydrated and need to get water in our system so things continue to run smoothly. Water has a many life supporting benefits:

  • Helps you lose weight – People who drank a glass of water before every meal may lose 4.5 pounds over a three-month period. Water fills the stomach, has zero calories, and makes you feel full.
  • Helps get rid of toxins – Toxins are removed mostly by the kidneys and drinking water helps them function better. You need a constant flow into your system from the moment you wake up. You should drink at least 8 glasses daily and if you are doing a strenuous job or heavy exercise, more.
  • Your brain works better – When you’re not properly hydrated, your brain operates less efficiently. Drink water to correct this.
  • Gives your metabolism a boost – Water gets your metabolism moving. It can increase your it by more than 24% in fact.


Many of us do a mild stretch while we’re still in bed and waking up each morning, but a better decision is to get out of bed and really commit to a good stretch. So plan to spend a few minutes after you shut off the alarm to stretch your arms, legs, neck, back, fingers and toes.

A great stretch to choose is the Locust Pose, which is one of the 12 basic postures pf Hatha Yoga. The Locus Pose strengthens the muscles in our neck, back, as well as the arms and legs. It has long lasting benefits including improved flexibility, and agility and posture, stimulates the abdominal organs, and relieves stress. Many people are reluctant to try Yoga, but for those why try the Locust Yoga often becomes a daily routine for them.

Get Thankful

We all have problems and life will continue to bring them. But we are here and each new day brings an opportunity to meet challenges and pursue new opportunities. We need to keep a good and positive attitude toward our day and our life in general and be thankful that we have another day to pursue our lives and spend time with our loved ones. So spend a few minutes each morning thinking or meditating about what you are thankful for. You will be glad you did.

Have a great day!