Positron emission tomography (PET) is a technology that makes use of the radiotracers which is a kind of camera that will help to examine the tissue and the organs. By finding out the body changes, the Pet may find out symptoms of any disease. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you may not be allowed to undergo this scan. You need to talk to your doctor about this.

Inform your doctor about these things and they will take the right care

If you want to get this scan done, then you need to visit the nearby imaging centre. If you are staying in Chennai, then you need to go for the pet CT Chennai. If you have fever or any other illness, then you need to tell that to the doctor. If you are allergic to any of the medicines, then let your doctor know about the same. While the scan is going on you are not supposed to wear any gold jewellery and you need to wear some cotton clothes. You will not be allowed to eat or drink anything before the scan.

What is Positron Emission TomographyScanning?

You need to first understand what PET is can before you undergo one. This is a type of nuclear imaging. Radiotracers are the factors those are attached with the radioactive material that can be checked at the time of the PET scan. A PET scan takes the measurements of the major functions of the body like the use of oxygen or the amount of sugar in the blood. The imaging makes use of the x ray device that will generate some pictures inside the human body. The radiologist will take out the images in computer. If you want to get this scan done, then you need to go to the nearby imaging centre. If you stay in Chennai, then you need to go for the pet CT scan in Chennai.

The scan that is done using the latest technology

This scan will be done by experts using the latest technology. The modern instrument will be used to get the scan done. This scan is done for various purposes like cancer detection. You need to get ready for the scan well. A PET scanner is a big sized machine that has a hole in the centre.  Inside the machine there will be some rings of the detector that will keep a record of the energy emission from the radiotracer.This will be used with the help of a computer.

How does the scanner work?

You need to first understand in what way the scanner works. One image will be made using the x rays that go via the body of the patient. Nuclear medicine procedures make use of a radioactive material that will be then injected in the blood. This may also be inhaled like a gas or swallowed. The radioactive material amasses in the organ or that part of the body that must be examined. This is the place where it gives away some energy in gamma rays. There are some special cameras that have a track of this energy. Picture will be generated with the help of a computer that will have the inside details of the body.

More about the technique

This test will always focus on the physiologic processes that takes place inside the body for example the metabolism rate. The area of the body that has the more intensity will be known as the hot spot and it will show where the big amounts of the radiotracer that has merger. There are areas of the body known as the cold spots. These areas are less intense.  This imaging is generally done for the outpatients. If required, the this will be also done for those patients who are staying at the hospital.

The process that is done in a systematic manner

Firstly, you will lie down on an examination table. In required, there will be an assistant for you who will then insert a catheter inside the vein from your arm.  Depending on the type of the medical test that you are going through, the radiotracer dose will be then injected inside. Sometimes it will be also swallowed or inhaled like a gas.This scan test will take some one hour. This duration will depend on many important factors like the age of the patient or the type of disease or the part of the boy that must be examined. After the examination is done you will need to take rest for some time so that you can recover fast.

How will you take care of yourselves?

The doctor may tell you to drink some energy drink that will go into the intestines. Then you will be placed inside the scanner and then the experts will be able to do the imaging.  They will be first doing the CT scan ad then the PET scan will be done. There will be some additional tests done as per the area of the body that has to be examined. If there are additional tests to be done, then the duration of the test will be increased to two to three hours. For instance, if your test is there for the heat disease then you will have to go for the PET scan before the regular scan and after the exercises are done. After the test is done, you will need to wait for the reports. As per the need more images will be generated for better view or some areas. The requirement of the extra images does not mean that there is any issue related with the test or there is any abnormality in the body. So just do not worry and talk to your doctors for any kind of query. Just go for the scan in a stress-free manner. The doctors will not only help you but also, they will get you the right moral support that was much need to you.