Exercise therapy or physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy which is a specialised physical medicine and rehabilitation. The exercise therapy equipment uses the mechanical forces and the movements mediate impairments and also promotes the mobility, function and improve quality of life through proper physical examination, diagnosis, intervention, and proper treatment.

The exercise therapy equipment is an essential part of the clinic. One needs to decide upon the quality of the equipment that is to be installed in the clinic. High-quality machines will be of high prices but it ensures the physiotherapists that it is equipped with the tools needed to treat patients having occupational health problems and thus recovery is faster.

The different types of the exercise therapy equipment used in the clinic are:

  1. Classic Pro Skier:This equipment helps in developing strength, coordination, and stamina. In this equipment, the intensity of the workout can be adjusted and allows the patients to adjust tensions on the skies and arms for proper recovery. The benefits of the pro skier tracker are:
  • More calories are burned as both arms and legs are used at same time.
  • The low impact workout offered in this tracker is perfect for elderly patients and for those who require physiotherapy to improve injury.
  • The machine is developed using high-quality parts and construction ensuring that it will withstand the vigorous usage of the clinic.
  1. Treatment Tables:This is an essential exercise therapy equipment as the physiotherapist has to ensure that patients can relax and rest or sit in different positions while the treatment is going on.
  1. Ultrasound:The ultrasound equipment has many uses and is commonly used in the physiotherapy treatment. The ultrasound is used for treating various ligament injury and sprains, tightness of joints, frozen shoulders, tendonitis, strains and tear of muscles, and bursitis.
  1. Isokinetics:The isokinetic exercise therapy equipment is useful  for building strength and recovering the patients from accidents that cause muscle mass loss and growth.
  1. 5. The electrical muscle stimulation is mostly used after the accident which helps to promote the muscle growth.
  1. Exercise Bike:This equipment is found in the modern physiotherapy centers. This equipment is useful in recovering foot, ankle, and leg therapy and also helps in building stamina and physical strength in the legs.
  1. Exercise Balls:The exercise ball is another effective tool used as an exercise therapy equipment. The balls are durable spheres useful for stretching exercises and promote a balance of body and coordination. The balls come in different strengths, specialized models, and forms. The selection of various colors, size, and strengths helps the physiotherapist to work comfortably with adults or children.
  1. Red-cord:The red-cord is based on the suspension – based therapy that controls and uses the body weight as the resistance power and helps in activating the dormant muscles. The exercise therapy equipment requires the cord to be steady and thus uses many muscles at the same time. The use of red-cord enables improvement in the myofascial imbalances and helps in restoring the functional stability for daily activities.
  1. Pilates:The use of pilates machine is to improve the strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.
  1. Cable Column:The equipment works on a pulley system and uses the weights that act as resistance and helps patients to workout both upper and lower body.

Further, the total gym machine can be used which features an elevated sliding board and the pulley system that employs the body weight and gravity force for the workout of the entire body. Thus,  the entire body workout can be performed on one machine only. One can engage the core and other myofascial muscles at the same time. One can move freely in various multiple planes.