The thin fibrous pieces of tissue that separate the muscles are known as myofascia, and when these don’t function as they should, it can lead to restricted movement in the joints or pain in the soft tissue. If this happens, myotherapy is effective in treating the problem.

Myotherapy incorporates elements of biomechanics, physiology and anatomy, and this specialized form of physical therapy can also be used to prevent the issues with myofascia from occurring. Anyone can have a consultation with a myotherapist without a referral from their doctor.

Symptoms of soft tissue pain include tightness in the muscles, a constant and steady aching sensation, stiff joints or numbness, as well as a sensation of pins and needles or tingling.

There are many disorders that can be effectively treated by myotherapy. These include headaches, and sprains and pain caused by a a variety of factors, including playing sports.

You will be asked questions about your condition at your first appointment with a Bentleigh myotherapist, and you should take with you any relevant test results or medical records. You will also need to provide a list of all medication that you are taking at the moment, as well as a detailed medical history, and any recent surgery or major illness. The myotherapist will use the confidential information provided by you to accurately diagnose your condition and recommend any treatment.

During an initial myotherapy Bentleigh consultation, you can expect to have your reflexes tested, and have any affected joints manipulated, all in an effort to determine the cause of your pain. Depending on your medical condition, you may be referred by your Bentleigh myoterapist to another doctor to further assess your condition.

The techniques of myotherapy

Remedial and sports techniques are often used in myotherapy, as well as passive stretching. Your Bentleigh myotherapist may also use acupressure, hot or cold therapy and may stimulate the transcutaneous nerves with electricity. Expect your session to last about an hour, and you should be able to experience some relief from your pain after your third session, if not before.

Self help suggestions

If you consult your myotherapy Bentleigh expert, he or she may suggest certain lifestyle changes to help alleviate your pain and prevent it from occurring again. These might include an exercise routine, massage therapy, ice or heat packs, stretching, and meditation.

Too much training, scoliosis or poor posture are all things that can be a cause of worsening your condition, and your myotherapist will discuss how you can minimize any factors that are causing you pain. You may be advised to participate in a pain management program if your pain is severe or recurring.

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists ( Tel. 1300 138 872 ) can recommend a reputable and licensed myotherapist in the Bentleigh area, or anywhere else in the country, or you can ask your family doctor for any suggestions. Word of mouth recommendations from family and friends are always useful, too and of course, you can find reviews and suggestions for a good Bentleigh myotherapist by looking online.