Any pregnant women free too much about wrong things and pay little attention on the issues which can genuinely harm baby and pregnancy. You can see the concern of different women and can understand here the different problems, signs or symptoms which lead to miscarriage. One must learn what they should do and what they should not during the pregnancy. First it comes with excitement and followed immediately by worry. Once you get adjusted to this fact that you are pregnant, you can find yourself stressing about as whether the baby will get born healthy or not.

If you tend on worrying in first place, there is plenty of the fodder in new which can keep you on alert and even more laid back amongst the one you have for anxiety. It also includes the time for the prenatal tests or it seems strange. You can add surge in the pregnancy hormones or get the surefire recipe for the angst. Though, any woman can get miscarriage but it includes some of the risk factors as,

  • Age: the older women are also likely to conceive the baby with the chromosomal abnormality and for miscarriage as the result. The 40 year old are about twice as likely for miscarry as the 20 year old. The risk of the miscarriage also rises with every child you bear. The woman who have two or more miscarriages in the row are likely more than the other women for miscarry again.
  • Disorders or chronic diseases: here are some of the things which also leads to miscarriage as the poor controlled diabetes and some of the inherited disorder of blood clotting, the hormonal disorder which are some of the conditions that can increase risk of the miscarriage.
  • The cervical problems: having some of the congenital uterine abnormalities, the severe uterine adhesion or the weak or abnormal short cervix up odds for the miscarriage. Such links between uterine fibroids and the miscarriage are controversial but most of the fibroid don’t cause such problems.
  • Infections: according to the research the infections shows the higher risk of the miscarriage if you have the measles, rubella, mumps, listeria, HIV, parvovirus, HIV and other infections.
  • Using drugs, drinking and smoking: there are some of the things as alcohol, smoking or drugs also causes the miscarriage thus one should avoid them completely during the pregnancy as it can increase the risk of the miscarriage.

There are different stages of the miscarriage from 1 week to 9 weeks. The symptom and signs of the same are different. As in the eight week you can hear the baby’s heartbeat that reduces the risk of the miscarriage. The presence of heartbeat increases more chances of continuing pregnancy to around 98 per cent. This risk also drops at every passing week. Thus, it is important for ensuring that one must avoid all such situations that can lead to miscarriage or other things. Click here for more details online.