When you reach the age when you can travel more, you find out that it is harder to secure travel insurance. Therefore, you need to carefully review policies online to make sure you are well-covered on a holiday.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

However, many mature travellers have found that the cost of travel insurance has risen substantially. That is why it is vitally important that you do some comparison shopping. Travel experts advise buying a policy as the benefits provided outweigh the cost substantially. Whilst you may not expect to cancel your trip or fall sick, unforeseen sicknesses or events occur. That is why the right travel insurance plan can help save you from being out-of-pocket and paying an enormous bill.

Access to 24-Hour Emergency Care

Other benefits include access to 24-hour emergency care and protection for personal belongings and travel delays. Just because you are past 50 does not mean that you should not investigate several travel insurance providers. Today, you can find a number of cheap over-50s policies that are offered by a range of providers.

Some good deals for holiday insurance for the over 50s originate from companies that are not as highly publicised. You can compare quotes from them as well as larger companies when you make comparisons online. All companies should be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Review the Cover Limits

However, just because you are over 50, it does not mean that you have to base your decision on price alone. Always carefully review the cover limits of a policy too. Pay special attention to the excess limits as well as expenses for cancellation and medical plans.

If you are over 50 and have a pre-existing medical condition too, you need to declare it. Any failure to be upfront can invalidate a policy. Even if you have a condition that is well-managed, you still need to provide all your medical details to the insurance company. To avoid any gaps in your over 50s travel plan, you need to obey the medical declaration that is given when you apply for protection. If you are unsure about what medical declarations you need to make, ask your agent to assist you.

Important Contacts When Traveling

With that being said, you need to remember three important contact numbers when you are travelling as well. For example, when you buy medical travel insurance, you will be given an emergency help number. This number should be carried with you during your travels. The contact at this number can provide you with medical support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Through this phone contact, you can get the medical treatment you need as well as authorise treatment by confirming your travel insurance protection to the hospital.

If you are travelling in an EU member state, dial 112 for emergencies rather than 999. The final major contact you need is the number for the British Consular Assistance Team. The service can help you contact family or friends in case you are hospitalised abroad. The service also can be called if you lose your passport.