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People irrespective of all age groups are prone to cough at some point of time in their lives. The cough is termed as an involuntary act that clears the throat of microbes. Though not termed as something serious it does not warrant immediate attention. Mostly it does clear on its own without any medical attention and sometimes a torex cough syrup company could be of help. But in some cases the cough could pose to be a serious condition and warrant medical attention. Hence it is necessary to clear the cough and remove the infections that are responsible for it. Using Ayurveda products might be a step in the right direction.

Key points to be aware about cough

  • There is no single reason for occurrence of cough
  • Certain germs are known to cause cough to spread
  • If it becomes difficult to diagnose cough, then the doctor could prescribe a chest X ray
  • Certain type of coughs only occur at night
  • Home remedies or products like cough syrup torex might provide you relief from cough

If you find anyone coughing a lot it might be a symptom of a serious disease. Understand the exact reason of cough before you go on to consume any medicine. The moment cough is persistent for more than 3 weeks, and you do not witness any improvement, then a visit to a doctor calls for sense. A majority of the cases are common coughs and there is nothing to be serious about. But if it is at a persistent level then it might warrant a medical treatment at the earliest. It could point to long time treatment in the form of heart failure.


If you feel that the cough arises due to cold or flu, then a general advice is to allow the patient to drink a lot of fluid. This is to be followed by proper rest and allow the cough to heal on its own. In most of the cases the cough is known to clear up within 1 to 2 weeks.

The viral infections that cause cough might warrant medical attention. A doctor could prescribe you various tests like chest X ray. The samples are sent over to the lab in order to arrive at the exact cause of the disease. During the course of the test, a doctor tries to locate the manner by which airways are blocked. Sometimes asthma could be the case and then a medication is prescribed in this regard.


The viral infection that is causing cough means that the immune system of the body might have to clear on its own. But an Ayurveda remedy is the best course of treatment. The reason being it gets to the root cause of the cough and removes it. Coupled with the fact no form of side effects occur. Be it a child or an adult they can consume this medicine as it is fit for all age groups. Any syrup for enhanced effects needs to be consumed with lukewarm water.