One of the most popular types of exercise is strength or resistance type training program because, in this type of training program, your muscle faces the challenge which is stronger than usual counter forces. This type of training includes pushing against a wall or pulling on a resistance band or lifting dumbbells of different weights. With an increment in the weight, the resistance also increases and thus it makes your muscle stronger than before. If you do this type of training then it will increase your muscle mass, tones muscles, and also it strengthens your bones. These types of exercises help you to perform everyday activities like climbing stairs or lifting different things, etc. The normal guidelines for doing these exercises includes different exercises for legs, chest, hips, back, shoulders, arms and abdomen and these should be done at least twice every week with 8 to 12 repetitions of the same movement. Again, you can also do two or three sets of every exercise, but you should take proper rest for at least 48 hours between two consecutive training sessions. Here if you read this gymjunkies post, then it can be very much useful in your strength training program.

The Commendable Strength Training Program

  • Before starting your exercise, you should warm up a bit for 5 to 10 minutes, and you can also do stretching as it will reduce your chance of getting injured.
  • You should always focus on your form, but not in your weight. In that case, you have to align your body properly, and you should move smoothly during the exercises. Because if you do not do an exercise properly then you will be injured badly. So when you are starting your training program, it better to start with no weight or with a very light weight.
  • You should also do your exercises in a right tempo because in that case it will can help you to stay in control and you will never lose your momentum. You should also pay attention in your breathing process during exercises. You should always exhale when you are working against the resistance like pushing, pulling or lifting, and you should inhale during the release.
  • You should always challenge your muscles by increasing the weight of your exercise. In the different exercise, the weight can be varied. You should increase to that weight, which tires your targeted muscles. If you are not able to do the last two repetitions by that weight, then you should again go to the lighter weight.  So, when you are adding weight, first make sure that you can do all the repetitions properly with good form.
  • You should stick to your daily routine, and you have to be consistent to see the best result. Sometimes if you feel bored, then you can change your exercise.
  • Another thing you should always maintain during exercise is the proper diet chart. There must be a good amount protein in your meal, and you can take different supplements also for different vitamins and minerals.

If you follow these tips, then it will be very much helpful for you to be healthier than ever before.