There are many causes of infertility among which one reason is apoor count of sperm or lack of mobility. The doctors surely help one to have the count normal with the help of medication, but in the cases where the count does not reach to a level one has to go for another option which is nothing but the sperm donation only. There are many healthy males who can donate their sperm which can help such couples to get a new life born. It is a safe and secured as well as advanced and a sure shot method to conceive if used by an expert.

Here are a few of the interesting facts that a donor needs to go through:

  • Check the reputation of the bank first:While going for a sperm donation center in Thane, one must inquire about the registration and legal status of the sperm bank. It can help one to know about the genuineness of the same and hence he can be sure that the sperm will really be useful to those who need it. It can also ensure one about the required facilities for healthy sperm and move them as per the emergence of the situation.
  • Tests and medical history: As a part of the donation process, the sperm bank requires to check the medical history of the donor. It is not like anyone can go to the sperm bank and donate it. The mobility of sperm must match the set standard and then only it is accepted as a donation. Hence a lot of donors fail to get through as their samples are rejected due to poor medical history or failure in different tests.
  • Physical attributes of the donor:While accepting the sperm as adonation, the physical attributes of the donor are also taken into The height, weight, skin colour, hair, thecolor of eyes, education, job or business, family history, blood group, any genetic disorder, and also overall life. These all are required as in many cases, those who need sperm as a donation, also check all these facts.
  • Want to reveal the identity or not:Though the sperm bank Thane Mumbai, do not share the details of the donor even if they have it, it is required to check by the donor if there is any provision in the bank about sharing the same in future or not. In some countries, nowadays, there is a trend of checking the facts of thebiological father by the grown kids from his sperm for different reasons, but in some cases, there can be various complications, and hence one must check the same in advance. As per the law also there is no responsibility of the so-called father for the kids grown from his sperm which is used for donation, but there can be some social problems, and hence one must check all the pros and cons initially only.

With a little care and caution, one can bring the happiness at home in the form of a kid despite being unfit to be a father. With the change of mindset of people, the sperm donation is also getting awareness about, and the number of such donors is consistently increasing which is a good sign from the viewpoint of medical as well as social science.