Smoking Weed

What have you lost in the face of living in the cataclysmic world of addiction and active weed use? There is a simple solution to getting every sacrifice that you have surrendered back. It is just a matter of stepping away, working beyond the restraints of cravings, and reclaiming life. Except this time around you will do this on your terms, in the fashion that you have always longed for.

Have you struggled to justify the things you have given up? You can stop drifting through your days in an existence of minimal living being detached from your feelings, separated from comprehensive thought, emotionally unbalanced, and derelict in your abilities to commit to anything or anyone. That place incensed you to lie, become stressed, forfeit your dreams, and compromise your character.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, here you are going to be hit in the face with reality. This is also a place offering hope and rescue to come back to your life. I know your struggle. I myself was you and now, I want you to be me. I have proudly quit smoking weed, leading me to be (drug) free these days and the changes in my life have been phenomenal. I’m not going to beat this subject to death for you, it is all pretty obvious for most us. I am just going to mention the major game changing life alterations that are going to improve give up the weed. The order of impact or severity may fall differently for you, but ultimately the same basic needs and results remain the same for us all.

First and foremost the most important reason to quit weed is for your personal benefit, in the human factor. You will gain the benefit of adding real quality back into your life. Your appearance will get better in a few different ways. You well have some liquid funds to invest in yourself, clothes, cosmetics, hair, etc. Your hygiene will improve as well as your life skills. You will designate more time and focus on dental care, nutrition, schedule, and sleep. Believe it or not, these simple things add up quickly to impact you.

Next will come your energy and your mental balance. You will get better as your nutrition improves and your living habits get better then you will find your cognitive agility return. Your memory will get better, your focus will return, you will be able to articulate better and get back to a normal sense of communication and cohabitation with the regular side of society.

As you improve you will not feel labeled, nor ostracized from your friends and family. Your emotions will balance out and you will welcome the world as it welcomes you. You will face less stress, less risk of legal entanglements, and your time management will exceed your every expectation.

Last but not least will be your return to the ability to excel at your job. Ambition will return, creativity will reawaken, and initiative will drive you once more. Along with the perks of giving up the weed, will be the resurgence of your financial stability, your dependability, and your confidence. Your priorities will reconfigure and you will embrace the character building strength of overcoming this flaw. Your drive and hunger to work will be back to how it was. If you feel like you don’t have as much motivation as before, there is a good reason to that now.

This type of victory is the foundation that builds people like us into a position of being a role model worthy of supporting the fortified inspiration that others need to build on.