The reason most experts suggest a rowing machine over even the best elliptical machine, treadmill or cycle is because as compared to these cardio machine a rower is low impact and goes easy on the joints and knees. Though low impact your body still remains prone to injuries if you’re over aggressive too early into your workout or plan to take it up a notch. So here is a list of a few common injuries among beginner rowers and their quick fire solutions.

Lower Back aches

The most common of all is lower back aches and muscle fatigue and constant over-training is more often the reason behind it. Apart from that poor form, wrong technique and an excessively high resistance level are other reasons.

Combining your rowing workout with a couple of other fun activities such as swimming, running or even weight lifting can help strengthen your lower back. Also lowering resistance or workout duration, learning the right form and technique or taking a couple days off are other simpler solutions.

Joint Inflammation

Though inflammation and muscle soreness is common among newbies a serious condition can often lead to long term injuries such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.  Rower’s hip or knee inflammations are other common injuries so watch out for redness or swelling around these areas.

An ice water dip after workout is the easiest way to heal the pain and inflammation. Adding a few stretches to your pre-workout warm up and integrating resistance and weight workouts into your routine are other easy solutions.


Since your arms are constantly moving during a workout, pain or tension in the arms or elbow tendonitis is a common issue and the wrong form or technique increases the risk. The ideal solution is to get expert help and learn the right rowing method.

Also adding a few strength and weight workouts like the dumbbell curl etc. strengthens your arms and bicep muscles thus reducing the pain and stress and in turn helping you row more efficiently.

Rib Pains

Does breathing heavily while rowing cause a striking pain in the ribs? Stress rupture in the ribs is common among both newbies and pros and the solution is simple, take some time off. Only get back once the rupture heals completely and once it does add some workouts to your routine like push-ups, bench or dumbbell press to strengthen your ribs and chest muscles which in turn lowers fracture risk.

Blisters and Calluses

Constant gripping of the handlebars for long hours often results in blisters. Though very common and not serious blisters can be annoying and can also get infected if not treated correctly. Always wrap a bandage or sterile cloth over it as precaution.

Use of non-slippery gloves can keep blisters away. Ensure your rowing machine comes with good quality grips and keep them clean to prevent bacteria.  Keep your workout short and low intensity till the blisters heal.

In case any pain or inflammation lasts longer than usual do get in touch with a medic. Take appropriate rest, warm-up right and build your overall fitness before cranking it up.

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