As a man, carrying the extra weight in the chest can give rise to an unfortunate and discomforting condition known as the “man boobs”. Getting rid of the unwanted fat from the chest is not the thing that you have ever dreamt off. Men can gain weight in several areas, sometimes targeting the chest and ignoring the boobs. Most of the men having fat in the chest feel bad to go out or to wear tight t-shirts. One of the common questions that are asked by men is to how to get rid of extra fat in the chest. This problem is often termed as pseudogynecostia. Most of the professional workout specialists suggest that exercises can bring positive results.


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It is clear that chest fat can be reduced by various exercises. Here are some of them described in brief so that you get a clear idea on the workouts.

  1. You have to make a caloric deficit and initiate weight loss. It is better to avoid junk food that increases your weight. If you want to have a slim figure with a masculine chest, it is better to burn the calories. Choose various ways like eating 6-7 meals so that you can burn the calories and avoid overeating.
  2. You should always limit the extra calories. The empty calories offer to your body no nutritional value, but they can add just add calories to the diet. It is better to avoid fat food, processed food, cold drinks, chocolates, soda and alcohol.
  3. Try out the pushups. This exercise work as magic and help to develop the muscles in the chest region, shoulders and back. Start the Push Up positioning it on your hands and toes, putting the belly down. Bend the elbows and move the body down until the nose is touching the floor. Repeat this situation for 3 minutes.
  4. Another workout is to isolate the pectorals. Complete the chest presses by using the dumbbells until you feel fatigue at the 10th Lie back on the weight bench with the dumbbells. You should keep the elbows bent out with chest and slowly press the weight of the body up and allow the dumbbells to touch the chest. Control the weight till the starting point. Repeat this for 12 times.

These are the four exercises that you can perform to reduce chest fat. Try out them to get a lean and sculptured chest.