Tis the season of excess – where we tend to eat too much, drink too much, and spend too much. During this holiday season, why not treat yourself to something you won’t regret a year or a month from now? Instead of waiting for the New Year to make a resolution, treat yourself to a healthy, happy lifestyle that will help combat all the delicious and fun vices we may engage in during this exciting season. Whatever your age, whatever your current fitness level, now is the right time to take control of your health, improve your flexibility, and strengthen the muscular frame that will support you for the rest of your life.

If you feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or simply un-enthused when you think of the gym, you are not alone – many people who have taken time off from regular exercise or who have never really gotten into the practice find it difficult to start up or re-start a fitness plan. They don’t know where or how to begin structuring a healthy and fun workout plan that is right for their current exercise level and that will grow and evolve with them as they improve. It’s easy to push yourself too hard too fast or to choose a machine at the gym, use it improperly, and end up injuring yourself early on in a new exercise routine.

The smartest and most effective way to re-claim your health and begin a new exercise regime is to hire a qualified, well-trained professional trainer like the staff at Eagle Ridge Fitness in Coquitlam. A personal trainer will be able to best gauge what your current fitness level is and will be able to cater a custom-workout plan to your personal needs, ensuring your success for the future. At the best gym in Coquitlam, fitness coaches specialize in training individuals from all walks of life, including those who may be: young, old, disabled, underweight, overweight, or simply have special exercise needs. Personal trainers specialize in retraining muscles, perfecting stretching and flexibility, as well as increasing strength so that their clients leave the gym feeling stronger, healthier and happier each and every day.

Whether you are entering a fitness program for the first time or simply restarting an old habit, you need to be treated as an individual and your program needs to be set for your personal expectations. Our body is what we will rely on most as we age so we must build and maintain this structure that will carry us through to our senior years. What better way to do this than through the expertise of a personal trainer specifically educated and skilled on improving your physical being?

You may workout in the comfort of your home with a personal trainer, at their place of business, or simply stay in touch with your trainer via online activity. However you choose to work it, individualized sessions zone in on your goals and keep you on track for achieving and maintaining the new you. Exercising is a mood enhancer revving up the endorphins that help mend mood swings, increase energy, and extend your endurance levels.

Take the time to view the exciting fitness programs available to you, working directly with a trainer. Discuss your concerns with a professional and begin to build or rebuild the stronger, healthier, more vibrant person you want to be.