Are you in search of the Best Home Laser Hair Removal device? With the many laser hair removal devices on the market today, it can be very difficult picking one that really works and is truly the best! Well, due to its outstanding results and excellent reviews from users, one of the best on the market is the TRIA Beauty 4x hair removal device. This device is effective for both men and women for a great hair removal treatment.

The TRIA Beauty 4X hair removal device allows for laser-smooth and silky skin right in the comfort of your own home. The 4X Laser allows for revolutionary hair removal that will produce long term results in a matter of weeks. Most users find that no touch ups are necessary when using this system. The device has many great benefits as it is easy to use, completely cordless, and very safe. The device features some safety features such as a safety contact sensor to ensure that no laser beans are being released without skin contact and a pulse counter to ensure that it is accurate. TRIA cares about the safety of their users and is trusted by more than 5 million women worldwide.

TRIA 4X has many proven clinical results. Some of these include: after 3 treatments a 70% hair reduction, after 4-6 treatments many found that hair regrowth appears lighter, and after 6 treatments, people have found hair follicles to have been deactivated. TRIA is the most powerful at-home hair removal solution on the market that delivers over 3 times more hair removing energy than any other at-home hair removal device today. They guarantee that you will see effective results in a matter of weeks.

It is very important to note that although the laser 4X is effective on hair removal for most hair colors and skin tones, it is not effective and reliable for all. This system is not as effective on hair colors that are white, grey, blonde or red. The reason for this is these hairs do not contain enough pigment color for the light to absorb these colors. This also is a setback also in many dermatologist’s offices, so this is quite common. Also, for people with darker skin tones, they should be careful because they have a higher risk for injury due to higher levels of melanin in their skin.

The TRIA 4x beauty has made costly in-home office visits unnecessary with this device. TRIA 4X laser hair removal device has adopted very similar technology to that of dermatologists for very effective results. TRIA has made it possible to get the same results right from the palm of your own hand. This home laser hair removal device can be purchased very easily directly at the website for a great price! So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best at home laser hair removal device, then the TRIA Beauty 4x is the one for you!