Meat Products Shopping

Many people are reluctant to shop online for food products. There are certain risks and concerns associated with it. Sometimes the product may not come out as described on the website or sometimes the products may take longer for delivery which causes the quality to be deteriorated. Keeping in consideration all the risks associated with online food shopping, Livelean is offering its customers the premium quality meat and other products at the most reasonable rates without any risk.

Livelean tackles all the issues and concerns related to online food shopping in the best manner and provides its customer the best meat products in town. Their affordable rates, quick delivery methods, and quality products make them the most preferred place to get the meat products from.

Livelean offers multiple bundle boxes for its customers to get their required meat products at affordable rates. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Mighty Meal Value Box

The mighty meal box value offered by Livelean is an 85 piece value bundle that is most suitable for every family looking to get the premium quality meat. The box includes 24 premium chicken fillets, 2 minute steaks, 5 Best U.K. Extra lean steak mince, 1 UK sirloin steak, 4 British steak burgers, steak meatballs, 8 chicken sausages, 8 pork sausages, 10 Danish back bacons, and 2 £5 shopping vouchers.

Slimming Meat Hamper

Members of slimming club can get the most delicious and tempting bundle box “slimming meat hamper” to please their taste buds in the best way while keeping their fitness level high. The products in slimming meat hamper help an individual in achieving their fitness level in the best manner.

The box includes 5KG Premium Chicken Fillets, 2 British Rump Steaks, 2 lean beef mince, 2 Chicken burgers, 2 Hache Steaks, 24 lean steak meatballs, and 8 Chicken sausages.

New Year Lean Machine Bundle

A new offering for meat lovers by Livelean comes with 62 piece meat items. The mouth-watering meat products in this box are surely going to enhance your appetite. The New Year lean machine bundle includes 10 Premium Chicken Fillets, 2 British Sirloin Steaks, 2 British Rump Steaks, 12 Lean Steak Meatballs, 2 Lean Steak Mince, 2 British Chicken Burgers, 8 Fresh Pork Sausages, 4 steak burger, 2 Beef Hache Steaks, 8 chicken sausages, and 10 Sliced Back Bacon.

LiveLean “Try us” Box

Livelean try us box is for the starters. First-time users of this brand can start their trail with the Livelean try us box that contains 39 pieces of meat products. The box includes 4 British Chicken Thighs, 1 Lean British Beef Mince, 1 Sliced Danish Back Bacon, 12 British Steak Meatballs, 2 British Hache Steaks, and 8 Chicken Sausage.

There are several other value boxes offered by Livelean for their providing quality meat to their customers at the most reasonable rates. Furthermore, you can also use various discount codes for Livelean that are available to get the meats at discounted rates.