There is a saying ‘Whatever looks good from outside might not be actually good from inside’. This can be applied to any kind of thing – whether it is a person or any kind of object/thing, it is something that each one of us should abide by. Many times when we are outside, we tend to consume water from places which may look clean & tidy, but the water may not be 100% germ-free. Next day when your body shows some discomfort, you try to rewind your life and try to analyze the reason behind this discomfort. There is a possibility that might have consumed unhealthy food, but there are more chances that the water that you may have consumed might be carrying some bacteria or viruses.

There are a number of water-borne diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Giardiasis, Constipation, Traveler’s diarrhea, etc. and you should consult the doctor if you are witnessing symptoms for any of these water-borne diseases. Any kind of water which looks clean from outside can also have harmful chemicals and deadly viruses. So, what is the simplest solution to avoid such kind of problems? First of all, always carry a bottle of water when you are leaving your home. Here, the assumption is that the water being carried in the bottle is germ-free and that is only possible if the water is purified using a Water Purifier.

There are different kinds of water purifiers – RO water purifier, UV water purifier, and RO + UV water purifier. You may debate that your house already has a water filter, but the point is that water filter has a lot of limitations and filters do not remove every kind of impurity present in the water.

RO water purifiers use the Reverse Osmosis purification technique and use RO membranes to purify water. An RO membrane could be a very fine cloth that can filter out the harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses present in the water. Many RO water purifiers ideally have multi-stages of filtration techniques and at each stage, the water becomes purer since the sedimentary impurities & tiny impurities (including bacteria & viruses) are removed from the water. Before opting for any kind of purifier, it is recommended that you do a detailed study about the purifiers and this is where you should refer to an online water purifier website that guides you through the process of choosing a purifier that suits your requirements.

The TDS levels in the water should be within acceptable limits and such online resources can prove to be very useful to educate the consumers about the product they intend to purchase. The other advantage is that consumers can book an online demo of the purifier they shortlist and the agent can guide them about the features present in the purifier.

There are many brands that are present in the market and you should choose a brand that not only has purifiers with world-class features but which also has good post-product support.  With so many options, choosing the Best water purifier online could be a very difficult task; but evaluating the product from parameters like product feature, maintenance, storage capacity, customer support, etc. can be helpful in selecting the best water purifier that suits your budget & requirements.