There is some difference between breast augmentation and breast implantation procedures. Breast augmentation is mainly done to reshape the shape and volume of a breast or improve natural breast size asymmetry. Sometimes, fat is used for the volume which increases fullness of a breast. It improves the balance between hips and breasts making you more beautiful and desirable person which increases your self confidence.

A little disfigurement in the body of a woman develops low self esteem. A woman needs a body in perfect shape because she is beauty conscious. Any abnormality or disfigurement in body shape like difference in size causes anxiety, depression and frustration in women and they spend most of the time worrying about their appearance. They lack self confidence. In some patients, it affects the social life a lot. They have negative feelings about their defects and try to avoid social gatherings.

To treat such patients, breast augmentation is very helpful to restore the shape of the breast. As a result, it will not only change the physical appearance of a woman by enhancing her beauty but also affects the mental status positively. It boosts high self esteem and self confidence. Having beautiful and perfect shape after breast augmentation leaves an overall positive impact on their figure. They feel attractive and normal like other women. Feeling confident and happy will improve their abilities and quality of life.

Another procedure is called breast reduction. Women with natural over sized breasts can experience some problems. There may be neck and shoulder pain, skin rashes or abrasions and the most important is self consciousness for having large breasts. So they seek medical treatment to reduce the size. The cosmetic breast surgeons use the latest technique to give you as little scars as possible to get an attractive look by reducing the size of breasts. They remove the extra breast tissues and skin and tighten the remaining skin. The procedure is not very long but the result gives satisfaction and improvement in fitness and comforts in the life.

There are some precautions to take after breast surgery; take a lot of rest and a break from usual everyday activities. Any surgery gives you some soreness and pain that is normal. Some medications and less activity will help in healing to reduce pain and swelling. It will not take more than one or two months to heal and get back to normal life.