Actually alcohol is technically considered as a CNS (central nervous system) depressant but the answer is a little bit more complex than that. Based on the level of alcohol consumed and the individual reaction of the person, it can be decided whether alcohol has stimulating or sedating effects on a person. Two consequential impacts associated with the role of a stimulant is faster heart rate and aggressive behavior but at the same time cognitive impairment and motor skill are signs of a depressant.

There are few researchers who are of the opinion that people who have heightened risk of developing a disorder or alcohol use don’t respond to the sedative impacts of alcohol as others do. Alcoholism is actually strongly related to a stimulatory reaction. It has varying impacts on the human brain. While for someone, it can create a relaxing, calm and sedative feeling, for some others it can excite and stimulate the central nervous system.

Alcohol as a stimulant and its impacts

Alcohol is a legal drug which is sold in the market and you can be informed that alcohol can also be considered a drug in itself. Due to the fact that alcohol is a legit drink which is readily accepted in the society, people forget that this can turn into a poisonous drink which is tough to quit. Alcohol is addictive and hence it has got dramatic detrimental health hazards. In case you’re not careful with drinking alcohol, it can sometimes lead to more harm than what is caused by cocaine or heroin. However, the impact of alcohol on our body is not only determined by the amount of alcohol that has been consumed but it depends on the BAC (blood alcohol content) level. If the BAC increases, the effects are that of a stimulant and when it falls, the effects are of a depressant.

Alcohol in the form of a depressant

There are few factors related to consumption of alcohol like faster heart beat or development of aggressive behavior which can categorize this as a stimulant. But you need to know that the cognitive impairment which is caused due to alcohol is a characteristic of a depressant. Consumption of alcohol can lead to release of dopamine and as dopamine levels keep increasing, the good feelings within your body will also keep on increasing.

Alcohol can definitely be both a stimulant and a depressant depending on the way it is being consumed and the individual capacities of the person who is drinking it. If you’ve become an alcohol addict, make sure you visit a physician who can help you with this.