A PPE kit or a personal protective equipment kit is a total safety gear to protect a person from biological hazards. It has multiple components to assure that nearly all body parts are covered appropriately to prevent coming in contact with microorganisms.

Who needs a PPE kit?

PPE kits are essential for frontline workers who are engaged with essential medical care and have high possibilities of being exposed to the disease-causing carrier microorganisms. They are doctors, hospital staff, nurses, and more.

Features of PPE kits

The full body and non-full body PPE cover the body parts. It includes respirators and a higher-level specification of masks to provide better safety for HCWs. In the community setting, the purpose of masks in the case of healthy individuals could be effective.

About the manufacturers

The mission of Wabii PPE is to give the clients clarity through transparency regarding personal protective equipment (PPE). The company has become a trusted PPE partner by some of the reputable Retailers and Fortune 500 companies in North America. They manufacture masks, gloves, sanitizers, thermometers, and many other PPE items.

The company brings value to its customers through a powerful and plausible supply chain that has been vastly vetted. The Wabii merchants conduct a 6-step screening procedure to confirm the products match or outperform FDA compliance and other testing standards. We use quality control inspectors and 3rd party testing labs to guarantee products meet the operation specifications they insist on. Trace procedures and clear track have been put in the niche to safeguard the supply chain. Wabii also employs boots in Asia to be able to have representatives attend any of the vendor partners at a moment’s notice. With a remarkable priority on customer service, Wabi PPE is unequivocally placed with on-the-ground inventory in the warehouses across Canada and the U.S. and that can ship the same day.

At Wabii, the manufacturers function very closely with our consumers to infer their short-term and long-term PPE needs so that we can provide an extensive strategy. The company works to a considerable length to keep the customers enlightened and educated on the latest PPE improvement both domestically and globally.

The international market is inundated with new entrants where the pricing of goods is constantly altering. It is crucial for any institution acquiring PPE to work with a partner who can assist them steer these challenging waters. Wabii PPE is a trustworthy partner for many other companies. It provides an opportunity to help other organizations build a powerful PPE policy.

Products Include

  • Bodysuit
  • Safety goggles
  • Disposable masks
  • Reusable masks
  • Alcohol wipe canister
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Disposable shoe cover
  • Face shields
  • Isolation gown
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Sanitizer
  • Nitrile gloves of exam and industrial grade
  • Vinyl gloves


PPE kit can cover maximum body parts. The higher-level specification of masks and respirators provides a better standard of safety for HCWs. Community mask use and PPE have proved to be beneficial to protect against communicable diseases like COVID-19.