Research has consistently demonstrated that working out has tremendous benefits for both your physical and mental health, yet statistics indicate that approximately 60% of adults do not reach the recommended amount of physical activity each week. It’s obvious from this statistic that many adults struggle to find the time and motivation to get to the gym so hiring a personal trainer can make all the difference in ensuring they create a healthy habit of physical exercise. Here are a few of the many benefits of a enlisting a personal trainer:

Accountability & Routine

A competent fitness coach from a great fitness gym like the Toronto-based Striation 6 will hold you accountable to your scheduled appointment time each week. Knowing your trainer relies on you to show up for an appointment will naturally decrease your chances of skipping a workout. Making the effort to step foot in the gym is the first step in reaching your long-term exercise goals within your Striation 6 personal training sessions. Once you’ve fully committed to a routine, your trainer will hold you accountable for being there on time and maximizing your workout.

Support & Encouragement

Trainers are taught to offer nonjudgmental support to their clients and often consider you part of their team. They want you to succeed and because of this, they work really hard to offer you the support you need to reach your goals. Sometimes a little support and encouragement is all it takes to boost your confidence and willingness to work hard!

Field Knowledge & Personalized Strategies

Trainers often have knowledge about subjects such as nutrition, injury prevention, and technique to guide you and help you reach your fitness goals. All of these topics are important for generating the results you desire. Your trainer will ensure you are completing exercises with the proper form and technique, which will reduce your chances of suffering injury and will also boost your results. Trainers can also develop personalized nutrition and post-workout routines that are specific to your individualized needs and goals.

Relationship Building

Hiring a personal trainer also offers the opportunity for relationship building. You will be sharing your goals and vulnerabilities with your trainer and they in turn will be working very hard to help you accomplish your goals and overcome your insecurities. It’s a great partnership and chance to socialize during the week.


Finally, hiring a fitness coach will allow you to achieve fitness results that are often difficult, or perhaps even impossible on your own. You will burn more calories and do more reps with a personal trainer because they will design a program that is efficient and provides the best work out possible in the allotted time frame. They will also keep you moving throughout the workout reducing the amount of wasted time.

Personal trainers are a great option for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness. Fitness coaches are trained to motivate and encourage and will work with you to achieve your fitness goals so consider hiring a personal trainer today!