Liposuction is available to people who want to remove excess fat from their stomach, legs and arms. This procedure can help people to regain mobility by reducing weight and will increase confidence in their appearance.

It is important to have as much information as possible about the procedure before any liposuction in Perth is carried out by a professional.

This helpful guide will reveal some of the facts about liposuction, whilst it will also dispel some of the most common myths. Read on in order to find out more.

Liposuction Is Not Just For Overweight People

One of the biggest myths that people believe about liposuction is that the procedure is only available for people who are overweight or obese. This belief prevents some people from exploring their options when it comes to fat-reduction surgery.

The truth is that liposuction is available to any healthy adult who wants to reduce the amount of fat in their body. A checkup with a doctor is advisable before any liposuction procedures take place. Find out more information about liposuction.

Liposuction Can Be Performed By A Wide Range Of Different Doctors

Liposuction isn’t just carried out by one type of specialist. A range of different people from plastic surgeons to dermatologists are qualified to carry out the procedure in a safe and thorough way. People should ask for a second opinion if they are not comfortable with the doctor’s level of expertise.

Medication Is Injected Prior To Suction

Medication is injected under the skin in order to prevent swelling, bleeding and discomfort. This mixture consists of saltwater-based numbing medication. Consult with the surgeon to find out exactly what is in the medication before any surgery takes place.

Liposuction Breaks Fat Into Chunks Before It Is Removed

Liposuction works by breaking excess fat into chunks beneath the skin. These portions of fat are then sucked out from the body with a tube called a cannula. The fat is easier to remove once it has been broken down into manageable pieces.

Ultrasound And Lasers Can Be Used In The Procedure

Advances in technology mean that ultrasound and lasers can be used to break down fat effectively. These procedures are completely safe and can actually reduce the amount of swelling, bleeding and bruising that occurs. The laser treatment works by heating the fat to turn it into liquid.

Results Do Not Happen To Patients Overnight

Some people want to see instant results when they have liposuction. However, the process of change can be slow. This is because patients will be swollen after the surgery has been completed. If it seems like nothing is changing, don’t worry, because it could potentially take a few months of wearing elastic bandages in order to deal with swelling. Initial discomfort is normal, although this should disappear.

This guide is intended to reinforce some of the truths and dispels some of the myths about liposuction.