It goes without doubt that the bites from fleas can be very dangerous when left untreated. This is due to the fact that fleas transmit dangerous communicable diseases such as tapeworms, cat fever, skin disorders and plague (That is if the flea had bitten a wild animal). With that mentioned, seeking medical help immediately is the only way to be guaranteed that none of the stated communicable diseases will attack you after the bite. For those individuals who have hyper sensitive skin. Doctors and other medical professionals recommend that getting medical attention should be a priority; else it may get worse than anticipated.


Recommended Cures And Remedies To Flea Bites

There are a number of cures for the bites that are caused by fleas. Based on the symptoms that are caused; which include: red and swollen bumps on the skin, bites in clusters, painful and itchy bites.

The following cures are prone to solve the problems cause by flea bites.

Use disinfectant: The purpose of using a disinfectant is to ensure that all the bacteria on the bites are killed. Without this remedy, the bites may worsen due to the bacterial accumulation on the bitten skin. In the event that a disinfectant is not readily available, soap and water can be used since they work in the same manner.
Use ice bags on the bite: A flea bite is quite unique due to the fact that it becomes extremely red and swollen. A solution to this would be to use an ice bag. It will ensure that the bite does not swell further. In the event that there is no ice bag readily available, a cold cloth could be placed on the bitten skin portion.
Anti-itch cream or Anti-histamine: Anti-histamines have long been known to sooth the skin when it irritates. Flea bites are equally irritating when not catered to. That is why doctors recommend that those with hyper sensitive skin should ensure that they take anti-histamines immediately. These will sooth the itchy sensation fast.
Do not scratch the flea bites: The bites from a flea are usually very itchy. Anybody would be prompted to scratch them. However, scratching makes the bite marks swell further and through this, bacterial infections may be encountered.

Other remedies while treating the bites include:

Green or black tea: This is a common remedy that is used when an individual has bite marks from a flea. Its application is very easy. All you have to do is to warm some water and add the green or black tea leaves. After that, pour the tea on the bitten area.
Coconut extract: The benefit of the coconut oil is that it also soothes the itchy sensation that is caused on the skin by the bites.
Aloe Vera gel: This product has long being known to be one of the best skin soothers. Due to that, Aloe Vera can be applied on the skin portions that have been bitten.