Heroin is a very addictive and illegal substance. Once you are addicted or dependent on it becomes really hard to stop using it. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot quit. If you have a well-thought plan for detox, then you can surely be free of heroin addiction just within a few weeks. To keep your motivation up, you can listen to heroin recovery podcasts available on the websites. But before going into the detox process for heroin addiction, you have first to understand how long does heroin detox takes or the overall process for that for an efficient detox mind make-up. 

Heroin Detoxification Process 

There are detox centers that test the patient’s blood, urine, hair follicles, or saliva to detect heroin in his or her blood. The most common type of test is the Urine test which can detect heroin in the body for up to two days. 

When it comes to the question of how long does it take to detox from heroin, the process of heroin detox is not an easy one. But it can be successfully completed if you go for professional help. There are different steps during the detox process that need patience, willpower, and self-discipline from the patient. 

The detoxification process of heroin begins when the drug is completely out of your system, which takes about five to seven days from your last dose. During the detox process, medications are prescribed to let the patient get off from the drug abuse. Along with that, therapies have involved helping the abuser’s brain, and the body recovers from the effects of the drug. An essential step of the detox process is to get back the nutrients that the body was deprived of while being an addict. Listen to some of the best recovery podcasts of the abusers who have successfully completed their detox process and are now drug-free. 

How long to detox from heroin?

When a patient undergoes heroin detox, their heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and breathing pattern are monitored continuously for a pattern of days. The whole detoxification process depends on the severity of the addiction, which can last from a week to several months and, in some cases, even a year. This process is time taking because it ensures that every trace of the abusive substance has disappeared from the system. To keep your motivation pumped up, listen to heroin recovery podcasts available on the internet.