I am sure none of us would say that we do not want to be healthy. We all want fitter and disease free bodies, and making just a few life style changes may not always help.

Food and body are so correlated that it is important what we feed ourselves, as that is what we become. All that grime we eat, or the quick fix microwave solutions burn deep holes in our pockets in the future, and just make us walking zombies in the long run.

There is a way to beat it, and that is the way of ISAGENIX products. It is a company that helps you make your life style more active, and help you lose all those extra pounds… no, not from your pocket, but from your body. However, like any program in the world, one has to religiously abide by its regime and directions, and only then would there be any use you derive out of it.

The three easy steps to reach your goal, as per ISAGENIX are:

1) Pre-cleanse

2) Cleanse days

3) Shake days

Using these products enable the customers to see good results. However, it is not difficult to pile all those layers of fat back, with bonus pounds unless you keep in your mind that health and fitness is something that should be looked after every day of your life, and not a one off goal to think of achieving and leave it out later.

ISAGENIX is built on a multi-level marketing platform. You can experience the benefits, and let your contacts join the network. Now this does not mean that you just earn the quick buck right away. There is work to do, as always.

1) Benefits of wholesale: The distributors purchases products on whole sale, and then sell them out for profit. There are different levels of accounts to open on the website:

  1. a) Associate account: Most basic distributor account; this will give you access to their retail business center (RBC), where customers can be referred and new orders purchased.

Processing orders and shipping is taken care of by ISAGENIX itself.

  1. b) Consultant: Refer a member and keep an active account. When this members purchases items, based on the pak they have purchased, you get a product introduction bonus (PIB).
  2. c) Manager: Consultant + one more member, and you earn additional cash bonus. A double PIB can be earned if you can refer two members and get them to purchase the same pak in the same week.
  3. d) Director: Refer 6 additional members and the criterion is that they stay active. The cash bonuses of course, entail.

So on the whole, members connect and stay active with the benefits of referring new members to the network, sales and incentives, promotions, and team matching bonus. So you definitely get way more than what you can ever put in.

In short, the team matching bonus is nothing but creating two teams, each of which gets points accumulated into their group volume for their sales, and the bonus is paid out to both teams when their group volume of sales becomes equal to each other.

Also, you get your bonus out of ALL the layers of members under you, not limited to just a few.

2) Benefits of faster profit realization: ISAGERNIX have their own payment processor and a MasterCard debit card, meaning you swipe out your money the moment you make a sale, and do not have to wait for a bank to process your transaction, thereby no additional fee.

3) Benefits of superior salesmanship: All said, this is not for just anyone. It needs a whole lot of effort and drive in recruiting members, keeping them active and motivated and of course, selling your product.