Home Blood Pressure Machine

Blood Pressure Monitors is the easiest and simplest way to find blood pressure levels conveniently wherever you wish and whenever you need. These monitors help to keep BP in check and thus allow you to make lifestyle changes to ensure the levels are normal. Too high or low blood pressure can cause damage to different body organs and if it continues to rise, it can cause serious pressure on the brain and can even lead to a stroke. If you have the best blood pressure monitor, you can avoid such situations and ensure your health.

A Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy to use device but at the same time, there are some things to know regarding the right usage of the monitor so that you get accurate results.

Here are some tips to know about the right usage of blood pressure monitors:

The timing is important: The timing of your blood pressure monitor is crucial. Never take the test if you have just come home from outside or after your meals. It also should not be at a time when you feel like using the toilet. If you have had tea or coffee, then wait for at least half an hour before you take the test.

Your arm position is important: Observe which arm your doctor has used while taking your blood pressure and preferably, use the same arm. Always stick with the same arm when you take measurement. Your arm should rest at a relaxed position and should be supported at the right height, preferably with a cushion. Ensure that the arm is kept at a flat position. Also, ensure that the cuff is positioned at the level of your heart.

Be relaxed: It is always better to wear short sleeved shirts so that you can pull up the sleeves easily without any discomfort. Also, make sure you are wearing loose clothes. Relax before you measure your blood pressure and it is better to sit comfortably and quietly for at least 5 minutes before you take the readings. Get the best blood pressure monitor here.

The right use of the blood pressure monitor: Read and follow the instructions carefully. Put on the cuff and sit quietly and comfortably. Do not move, talk or stress. Always take more than two readings and give two or three minutes break before each reading. Then find the average. Keep a note of the readings either by noting down or syncing the monitor with the computer or phone and storing the readings.

Note the reading as it is: Never round up the readings. Always ensure that the results what you get are noted down as they are. Sometimes, you may be shocked to see a high reading but just relax and take the reading again after some time. But if you get high readings continuously, then you need to approach your doctor as soon as possible.

It is not a toy: Your blood pressure monitor is not a toy and hence, you need not check your blood pressure every now and then.