The Sunshine State of the USA is gradually evolving as a recognized wellness center offering many kinds of treatment options as well as facilities for urgent care in its various cities including Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and so on. Patients come from different corners of the world to get treated and avail the global standards of medical assistance at an affordable price. In spite of all these quality facilities, recently there has been a growing concern among the Florida health officials as they found a drop in the number of children getting vaccinated. The parents need to understand that ignoring vaccination is a life threatening decision because this alone can protect kids from 14 deadly diseases. In this blog, we will discuss about the importance of tetanus shots and how can it keep your children safe.

Why Should Your Children Have It?

Usually, children are very energetic as well as curious. If you let them play on their own, injuries are bound to happen. They might hurt their knees on a rock, have a nasty fall or experience deep cuts at sharp rusty edges of metals. Or they can even get bitten by an unhealthy dog. Even if you keep an eye on your kids, accidents will happen because these occur at the blink of an eye. So what’s the way out? Tetanus shots.

This vaccine protects your children from a bacteria called Clostridium tetani, which is present everywhere. It is found in dust, dirt, manure, animal bites, non-sterile injections and so on. Since this bacteria is very common, it is important that your children get the full dose of tetanus as prescribed by the doctors.

What if Children are Not Vaccinated?    

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, can be fatal in almost 30 percent cases. However, it is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from person to person. This bacteria enters the body through small punctured wounds; it cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Hence, these small wounds protected by tissues and skin from the direct exposure to air are the perfect places to multiply and cause infection. The incubation period ranges from three days to three weeks. Once infected, the host gradually starts experiencing symptoms like irritability, fever, and chills, muscular stiffness of the jaw and neck and headaches. With time, the condition deteriorates; the body becomes rigid and is locked in spasm. The jaw turns stiff, swallowing becomes difficult and the body experiences convulsions.

So, if your kids get injured while playing and if the tenure of the tetanus vaccination has ended already, do not waste time. Consult your doctor and treat your children immediately. The incubation period is long, so you get plenty of time after an injury. But it is better not to wait because the bacteria can spread fast inside the body.

What are the Side-effects of the Vaccination? 

Usually, tetanus vaccines are safe, but some children might experience pain in the injected area. The skin can turn red and it can swell along with itching sensations. Some kids also get high fever followed by headache, tiredness, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea. However, these have only mild to moderate impact and does not affect the daily activities.

The immune system is less responsive to this vaccination at older age. So before denying your children the benefits of tetanus vaccination or any other vaccines for that matter, do your research. Do not compromise when the life of the little ones is in question. Even if you are vacationing, it won’t be difficult to find an urgent care center. For instance, Tampa has many urgent care that offer tetanus shots. Get one when needed and give your child the healthy life that he deserves.