With thousands of people now using vape pens over regular cigarettes, many are finding that their stamina and energy levels are beginning to soar. This can translate to spending more time outdoors, more hours dedicated to strenuous activity and engaging with friends and family. Although many people chalk this up to a placebo effect from switching to products that don’t contain carcinogens, there’s science to prove that this newfound energy is real and here to stay!

In simple terms, tobacco-containing products hurt our cardiovascular system and our oxygen levels. These chemicals flood the system and restrict our airway, rendering us unable to perform athletic movements or partake in physical activities. In conjunction, when we look at vaping products and pens, we notice that they only contain nicotine as their main ingredient. Nicotine, contrary to popular belief, does not interfere with the user’s airways or negatively impact the circulatory system. It’s no wonder that many vapers are noticing their level of activity and output has begun to elevate over the weeks and months!

The Diabetic Conundrum

Diabetic smokers may have also found that their fatigue and general sense of well-being begins to dwindle after lighting up a cigarette. According to popular studies, this can be accredited to the negative influence that tobacco and carcinogens have on insulin sensitivity within the body.

Without going into the details, regular cigarettes make the body become less sensitive to insulin and cause our pancreas to work on overdrive. After years of this behavior, cigarette smokers may find that their energy levels become capped and the food they consume no longer provides a jolt of enthusiasm to take on life’s challenges.

With vaping, insulin sensitivity remains unaffected. Vaping will still provide the mental clarity and intense focus needed within certain situations without having a negative influence on one’s pancreatic function. Many vape shop juice users exclaim that their health remains intact and they no longer feel guilty by taking a puff every now and again.

Make the Switch

If you’re like many smokers that are noticing their energy levels drop, know that there is an alternative. Join the thousands of people that have made the transition and notice how your life, as well as your activity level, begins to soar. Start today and see what life has to offer!