DOT physical exams

The Department of Transportation needs that all the commercial motor drivers who are crossing the state borders on their route passing should go through the physical examination under the supervision of the medical licenses examiner in every two years and then receive the medical examiner’s certificate for driving their car legally on the US roads. The commercial drivers should always with them the current certificate copy, which is often known as the “DOT medical card”. The owners of the small businesses should follow all the rules and regulations, pass the DOT physical exam, and carry the card to prove it.

The vision and the right hearing

The commercial drivers should pass the vision and the hearing tests or the examinations for getting the DOT medical certificate. For overcoming the vision test, the driver should have the visual acuity of 20/40 with and maybe without the corrective glasses or the contact lenses. Apart from the acuity level or the field of vision, you should be having the 70 degrees horizontal vision for checking and differentiating the colors. This means that the driver can distinguish between the red, green and the yellow of the traffic signals as well as the vehicle lights, warning lights and the light beams from the taillights. The commercial truck driver should have a sharp hearing capability to pass the DOT examination. One informal test is performed where the driver is able to hear when whisper spoke from the distance of 5 feet. When the medical examiner is suing the audiometric hearing test, the driver should able to hear the sound that is more than 40 decibels. The truck drivers can wear the hearing aids when they go through the DOT exam and when they are driving the car.

The disqualifying conditions for the exam

If the commercial driver is suffering from a disqualifying occurrence, he will not get the medical certificate for driving the commercial car of the truck. Some of the disqualifying features include the sustained ventricular tachycardia, epilepsy and many more. The DOT physical examination is very important for the US drivers who generally drive the commercial cars.

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