Shakeology is a Shake which is known as a healthy meal replacement. Its ingredient list includes 23 vitamins, proteins and minerals. When you break down Shakeology ingredients to everyday foods their include folic acid, pantothenic acid, iodine, biotin, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum and zinc. These ingredients are known to be beneficial and they are all provided in a single meal.

Shakeology is designed with a larger amount of protein which is necessary for brain clarity and for building lean muscles. It is also known for improving skin hair and nails and getting rid of the craving for food. Shakeology contains antioxidants which are good for supporting a healthy immune system besides getting rid of the toxins in the body.

Where is Shakeology Available?

Shakeology is a shake that is designed with all nutrients to help people enjoy a healthy meal. Today people are busy and have no time to waste on lengthy meals so Shakeology is an ideal solution. It is very difficult to find Shakeology anywhere but only on Shakeology official website. Shakeology flavours are many and you can have your pick when you order from their official website.

One of the advantages of buying Shakeology from the official website is that you know that the product is genuine and you have the opportunity to alternate the flavours that you like in one package. You can have the orders shipped to your home when you order from the official website and do not have to go and pick it up. They take a short time to deliver the package to your doorstep.

How is Shakeology delivered to the Home Address?

When you order Shakeology the company charges $2 per item for delivery which is billed to the credit card from which it is booked. They have various schemes through which you can get discounts when you order Shakeology from their official website.

One way of getting a discount is becoming a Coach for Team Beachbody. This is the easiest way of getting a discount of 25% on anything you buy from Beachbody. Joining as a coach also does not involve much trouble. All you have to do is pay$39.95 for the first month and become a coach. The monthly fee for the following months will be $15.95.

Becoming a coach does not involve you coaching anyone or buying and selling anything. It is just the enrolment fee which makes you a member where you get discount on everything that you buy from Beachbody.

Why Become a Club Member of Team Beachbody?

When you become a club member of Team Beachbody you get a discount of 10% on everything that you buy from Beachbody including Shakeology. Besides getting a discount of 10% you can also get other benefits as member of the club which include meal plans personalized, VIP excess to Beachbody celebrity trainers and access to message boards on demand. Just as you have to pay a fee to become a coach so also you have to pay a fee of $38.87 to become a club member.

There is also monthly autoship which is a facility that is provided by Beachbody to its consumers. Under this facility Shakeology can be delivered to your home on monthly basis. With monthly autoship you get deliveries at a discounted price of $2 a month.

The best advantage of monthly autoship is money back guarantee of 30 days. There is no problem of getting a monthly autoship which can be stopped any time with a call to customer service of Beachbody.

It is best to buy Shakeology from Beachbody as you can be sure that the product is authentic besides you can also get some discount.

How Shakeology Makes Life Simpler

Today everybody is busy working hard to provide themselves and their families a better life Shakeology makes life simpler by providing an easy meal of a shake while in other cases you would have to waste a lot of time in the preparation of a meal. It is known as a meal replacement for offering a meal with all nutrients within the space of 5 minutes

Shakeology saves a lot of time compared to a conventional meal which would require a lot of time to prepare and have. It helps to detox the body besides helping in better nutrient absorption. It is said that a person who has Shakeology feels refreshed and energized. Shakeology is made up of all nutrients which are provided to the body.

With Shakeology the meal is reduced to a shake rich in nutrients which make you feel light and stress free. It also provides cognitive focus and a clear and balanced mind. You build lean muscles which regenerate very fast so you do not feel sore after regular workouts.

What are the Advantages of Shakeology?

Shakeology is a wholesome meal in the form of a shake which helps people to lose weight, bring down the blood pressure as well as cholesterol. These drinks come in different flavours which help people to get rid of their craving for junk food.

Big Apple Buddy started a shopping service which can help people get Shakeology from online stores to anywhere around the globe. Shakeology comes with a wide choice of flavours. Shakeology flavours include greenberry, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate vegan, vanilla and tropical strawberry vegan. Customers can alternate the flavours or stick to one or have a combination of flavours. Mostly the orders range from bulk packs of 30 serving or packets of 8 -24 which are also available.

Shakeology has also come with powders for those people that depend fully on Shakeology for their meals. There are three powders which are equal to 20 serving. One is focused energy which will help you to boost your energy whenever you need it without affecting your health in any way. The Digestive health and power green will provide you with all the vegetables your system needs and keep you healthy. You can customize Shakeology to your needs and maintain a healthy life.

International Shipping of Shakeology

Online Shakeology stores do not supply Shakeology outside Canada or USA. But if you need Shakeology anywhere in the world you can contact Big Apple Buddy your personal concierge can buy it from online stores in USA and ship them to your address wherever in the world you may be.

They offer international shipping to 220 countries in the world. Whenever you want to buy Shakeology products from online stores in USA you can contact Big Apple Buddy by filling the form on the right and they will contact you within 24 hours with a free international quotation.

Shakeology- the Awesome Meal Replacement

Shakeology has earned the reputation as the healthiest meal for the day. There are more than 70 ingredients of food in one serving. It is food that is low glycemic as well as gluten-free which makes it compatible for many a diet. Trying to get all essential supplements in your diet will cost you a lot of money while a single serving of Shakeology costs you $4.33 and provides you with all essential nutrients.

People choose Shakeology because it provides a lot of health benefits like get rid of excess fat, detoxify the body and also help in improving digestion. Shakeology is also known to lower the cholesterol level by 30% besides bring regularity to the system.

One serving of Shakeology costs $4, which provides all the nutrients which are essential for health, while a shake or a fast food would cost you as much but you would not be sure of the toxins that came with fast food.

When you get Shakeology through automatic monthly shipping you get it free with additional bonuses with each shipment which includes a workout program on DVD and a Shakeology cup.

If you want to add Shakeology to your meal you can order it from online Shakeology website that will deliver it to your doorstep.