Going to the gym in college is not only expensive – it can also be time consuming and it can get in the way of your college courses. However, it is important to get plenty of exercise when you are in college. Physical fitness will increase your energy and your mood. This is why you want to find ways to get this exercise without going to the gym. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get fit without signing up for an expensive gym membership. What you want to do is take advantage of all the small moments of time you have off and you want to incorporate fitness into your daily life. Here is how to get fit in college without going to the gym.

Do Push-ups in Your Downtime

There is a good chance that you have a few moments before you go to sleep or wake up in the morning. Moreover, you may have some time in between classes. This is why you want to take advantage of those off times and do some push-ups. All you need to do is a few repetitions and you’ll get a good dose of physical fitness.

Get a Personal Trainer

If you have some extra money, you may want to find an affordable personal trainer. If you have trouble working out on your own, a trainer will get you into shape and he or she will motivate you to push harder. Of course, not a lot of people can afford a personal trainer, but you may be able to split the costs with a friend. The truth is that having a friend can also motivate you to stay fit.

Go on a Morning Run

Another good way to work out without going to a gym is to work fitness into your daily life. One way to do this is to run as a form of transportation. You can run to your classes, you can run to various errands and you can run back to your dorm at the end of the day. Even if you speed walk, you can get plenty of exercise, especially if you walk a long distance. When it comes to walking or running long distances, you want to have a good pair of supportive shoes.

Keep Barbells in Your Dorm

Keeping barbells in your dorm room is another way to incorporate physical fitness into your daily life. A simple pair of barbells can help you maintain muscle tone and it can keep your endorphins flowing. Over time, you can build up to heavier and heavier barbells.

Join a Dance Class

On top of everything, you may want to join a dance class. The benefit of taking a dance class is that you can have fun too. Moreover, if you are taking a partnered dance class, you can meet new people, which is an added bonus. Whether you are attending Villanova University or another college, a dance class can be a fun extracurricular activity that will give you a work out too.