A dental specialist who has been trained to treat the specific needs of infants and children is called a pediatric dentist. This type of dentist can be viewed as a pediatrician of dentistry as he or she has the training, expertise and knowledge needed to provide youngsters with dental treatment in a kid-friendly environment that includes plenty of toys and other activities.

child dentist

It’s very advantageous to take your child to this type of dentist early on so that he or she gets used to the doctor and the unfamiliar sights and sounds of a dental practice. Plus, since pediatric dentists are trained to identify dental problems in young children, your little one will get on the right path toward optimal oral health that can last a lifetime.

Here are some tips for finding a top children’s dentist that can make the seemingly impossible process of hunting down a dentist much easier.

Jot Down Your Needs

Before beginning your search, make a list of your needs. What do you want your child’s dentist to provide you with? Is it important that the office is near your child’s school? Does your child respond better to men or women doctors? Is your child fearful of dentists? Your list will make it easier for you to match a dentist with your child so ponder what the “right” dentist means to you.

Ask for Suggestions
The chances are that other parents you know are already taking their children to pediatric dentists so ask them which dentists they use. Don’t be surprised to hear the same name being mentioned more than once as the best pediatric dentists have many happy patients. If you can’t get any recommendations, go online and run a local search. For instance, if you live in Columbus, OH, conduct a search using a term like pediatric dentist of Columbus Ohio. Then read through the websites to see which dental practice best meets your needs.

Schedule a Brief Meeting

For every dentist you are consider using, call the practice to set up a meet and greet. If possible, take your child along with you for this initial meeting so he or she can become familiar with the office and staff. Be prepared to ask a few basic questions which may include payment options, treatments available, techniques used to sooth anxious kids, etc. Don’t forget to ask how dental emergencies are handled and make sure the office hours are suitable to you.

If a dental practice you call is hesitant to invite you in for a look around, be wary of that practice. Any good pediatric dentistry practice will be more than willing to let you and your child drop by for a short visit. When at a practice, take note of how the front desk personnel speaks to children and their parents. Also see if there are books, games and other activities in the waiting area for young kids to occupy themselves with while waiting to see the dentist.