A hernia surgery should not cause you much alarm – in fact, in most cases it’s a procedure that is performed in one day, and the patient is able to leave the facility and go home the same day. It’s a relatively simple procedure, and the risks are very minimal. Having said that, it’s important to be properly prepared for the operation so that your chances of a fast recovery are the best possible. If you are going to undergo hernia surgery soon, there are some things you can do to make it easy on yourself and to increase your comfort during the recovery stage. Here’s how you are properly prepared for hernia surgery – your main questions answered.

Check your diet

Aside from normal dietary restrictions (for your general health) you may not be allowed to eat anything from midnight (the evening before the operation) until your operation time. This may include water, chewing gum, or any other substance. This is done to decrease the chance of vomiting during the surgery (as some patients are prone to do due to the anaesthesia). If your operation involves only a local anaesthetic, however, the rules may vary.

Before the procedure

You’ll have to fill in some forms to make sure that the surgeons have your informed consent on the matter – make sure your approval is indeed informed (so make sure you have all your questions answered before you sign the paper that will allow the specialists to do their job).

Being open and honest

It’s common for patients to hide the truth from their physicians, but this is a mistake – be open and honest to your physician about your lifestyle, your habits, your medical history, and so on. It’s for your own good.

After the operation

Chances are you will be taken to a room where people who are about to wake up from anaesthesia are placed; you may find yourself in a common room unless previous arrangements have been made.

Although recovery of the hernia operation happens quite quickly in most cases, it helps to know what you can expect and what you should have in place in order to make the recovery happen quickly. Your specialist should inform you of what is most likely to happen during the next couple of days (you may experience some pain and swelling, for example) and you may not be able to go through your usual routine the way you are used to. Getting the assistance of family members and friends (having this scheduled in advance) is a big help and will ensure you are on your feet again in no time, as confirmed by hernia surgery in Hampshire specialists from the London Surgical Group. As with most cases, preparation is the key. Organise it all in advance.