An addiction detox treatment aims to detoxify an individual´s body from the involved drug. It is the process that allows toxins to leave the patient´s body while withdrawal symptoms are managed.

Drug addiction is a disease, a chronic illness. That being said, the ultimate goal of an addiction detox treatment is to help the individual achieve substance detoxification from the body, and give him/her the tools to remain clean afterward.

Although addictions can be treated, it is not simple, given addiction is chronic. It is not just about having the patient stopping from using drugs for some days and consider them cured. In most cases, an addiction detox treatment should be followed by long-term care, such as therapy, medication, group sessions, etc., until they completely stop consumption and resume their normal lives.

So Which Are The Keys To An Effective Addiction Detox Treatment?

  • Treatments must be personalized, what functions for one person may not work for the other, there is no such treatment that “fits all.”
  • Comprehensive approach. A treatment to be effective needs to address all the individual´s needs and characteristics, not only his or her drug consumption.
  • Treatments need to be readily available and long enough. Quick fixes don´t work.
  • Other underlying mental disorders should be considered and treated.
  • As the patient´s needs change, treatments must be reviewed and modified if required to tailor the patient´s reality.
  • In all cases, the first step must be medically assisted detox. Medically supervision is especially recommended for alcohol, opiates or benzodiazepines withdrawal, which can be deadly.
  • Addiction detox can be achieved on an outpatient or inpatient basis, depending on the case. In both situations, the first steps include evaluation, patient´s stabilization, and transitioning to the treatment itself.
  • Family support and encouragement are crucial during detox and rehab.

Being realistic, not all addicts have access to medical attention or can´t afford a private detox institution to help them overcome their drug abuse issues. Fortunately, there are free programs to help addicts leave consumption and resume their lives.

We are talking about the “12 Step Programs” that are managed and operated by former drug addicts. Such programs focus on providing strong community support, even individual follow-up of the patient. In most cases, these programs enhance spirituality although they are not religious. They consist of 12 clearly detailed steps the drug abuser must follow. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are globally renown. There are also support groups for addict´s family members or friends.

No one ever said it´s easy, but addiction detox and total rehabilitation can be achieved if treatments are properly conducted.