AIDS during the tenure of pregnancy is not something that is unheard off. But treatment of Aids in pregnancy is possible. A lot of credit has to go for aids in pregnancy medicine that has been a major evolution. If the right treatment is given at an early stage the chances of infection passing over to the baby is reduced. HIV virus can get transmitted to the baby via birth or gestation. Afterwards it can roll over to breast milk as well. If you leave it untreated the HIV virus can pave way to a dreaded disease referred to as AIDS.

How common it appears to be?

In the year 2014, about 216,000 women in US were anticipated to be suffering from AIDS virus. The worst part is that 1 out of 8 women were not even aware that they had this virus. But with better levels of education the rate of women suffering from Aids did drop considerably.

How does the risk of Aids increases?

The most common way to suffer from Aids would be sexual contact with the person without any protection. This could also take place via the medium of infected needles.

The symptoms that is associated with Aids?

It all depends upon the stage where the infection presents some of the common symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss at an unexpected level or abnormal pap tests.

Is there any definite reason to be concerned?

Yes Aids does appear to be a deadly disease, but there are drug regimens which can keep the disease at check. When you treat this disorder during pregnancy, the risk of the infection passing o to the mother is at a relative low phase. When you are delivering it via C section the risk reduces considerably as well.

What can be done?

You can combat infections if you use condoms during the course of sexual contact. In case if you are planning to become pregnant both you along with your partner needs to be tested. You are going to be asked if you want the testing to be undertaken as part of the routine blood work which is in the early stage of pregnancy but your partner will not be.

If you are suffering from AIDS and are already HIV positive, discuss with your doctor about the various medications. There are some that can be dangerous to the growing baby whereas in some cases it could be mild. Medicines like AZT reduce the chances of infection passing over from the mother to the baby at a considerable level. During the course of pregnancy you need to opt for it and during the phase of delivery it is also provided to you.  The baby is going to be put on a dose of drugs 6 weeks after delivery. This does reduce the chances of suffering from any major type of infection. Just avoid breast milk as HIV virus can be transmitted via breast milk.