The most obvious question that first time HGH users ask is how much muscle can they built using HGH supplements. Well it may be doubtful to understand for many but using HGH supplements alone is not what decides the amount of muscle gain. There are many other factors which are responsible.

HGH for bodybuilding is gaining popularity among users at such a rate that the number of these users has doubled in the past few years. We always recommend first time HGH users to be knowledgeable about various factors which affect the muscle building. This will avoid abusive use of HGH which is reason of side effects in first time users.

The Reality

If we have to answer this question then it will be:

With HGH supplements one can gain as much as 23 to 30% of muscle mass within four to five months. However it is not true for every HGH user. As our bodies are different and they are genetically designed in a different manner use of HGH will impact every user differently. For any noticeable results it is mandatory to use HGH supplements consistently.

Before you rush to conclusion of any kind it is better to understand the details we are providing.

Every person’s muscle gain depends on a number of factors like genetics, lifestyle, physical activities, workout intensity, diet, overall health condition, sleeping hours and many more. First of all you need to make sure all these factors are under control. On average it is found that people who have active life and work out three to five days a week and maintain a protein rich diet can gain up to 30% of their initial body mass within four to five months.

Also using HGH in cycles will have a different result from expected. Most of the benefits will be witnessed in the first cycle while the following HGH cycles will not give you those drastic results. There is a proper explanation for this decline in muscle mass gain.

When you use HGH supplement for the first time there is sudden spike in HGH levels. Body is under shock and by the time it recovers from it there is already 20% – 30% muscle mass gain from HGH use. In the second cycle body has already gained muscle mass which it needs. Biologically body removes extra muscles which are not needed. This interferes with further mass gain.  Also there is a saturation point reached when bulking up and you need to make necessary changes in your workout to stimulate body for further muscle mass gain.

First time HGH users often try to abuse the dosage to get early results. Avoid doing this as there can be severe side effects.