gastric sleeve surgery

Almost everyone who wants to go through a process of weight loss surgery is apprehensive about the procedure and the consequences of it. One of the major reasons as to why this situation occurs is due to the amount of patients suffering from post operative distress and problems. Either the surgery alters the results of what it is supposed to produce or the concerned patient cannot take the stress of the operation and his body starts to negatively react to the treatment. This in many cases has resulted in medical situations from which patients have found pretty hard to overcome.

The Gastrectomy Surgery

However with the gastric sleeve surgery Las Vegas, Dr. Bernie Hanna can guarantee you effective results that will be problem and stress free especially in the post treatment period. However it is important to understand that in order to gain successful results it is crucial to follow by a strict plan and diet.

gastric sleeve surgery

 This procedure is considered one of the most low maintenance surgeries that produce guaranteed results. Now the basic understanding of it is that the stomach pouch is reduced so that less intake of food is made possible. This in turn creates a situation where one can eat less food, but feels fuller for a longer period of time. This enables the body to use the stored body fat and not create any more excess of it.

Weight loss plans

However before the surgery takes place, a complete set of tests are performed with the help of which certain achievable weight loss goals are organised and the treatment follows the plan. The surgery itself takes about a maximum of forty five minutes and since it is a no fuss treatment, the patient is released the very day the operation takes place, after performing a complete post operation check up.

Therefore gastric sleeve surgery Las Vegas will provide you with safe and guaranteed results to begin with.