Pain Relief

Various medical procedures require people to have an area of the skin numbed before it can continue. This is to offer comfort to them during the procedure. Using a topical anaesthesia can be less evasive than something stronger. A person recovers from it in less time and there is less of a risk of harsh side effects.

Some of the types of procedures a person may need to have done requiring such numbing include blood samples, minor skin surgery, and catheter inserting via IV. There are several different types of topical anaesthesia out there which can be used. Yet some of them seem to be far more common than others.

Blocking Pain and Discomfort from Ongoing Procedures

Sometimes, a person will need to have ongoing medical procedures due to their health issues. They may be poked with a needle daily or several times a week. This can be done in a medical setting or at home. An agent that can help to numb the skin and reduce pain around the insertion area is Emla Cream. It works quickly to help offer relief to the affected skin area.

It works by blocking the messages from the nerves to the brain which tell the body there is pain in a given area. This topical cream works very quickly, so a person is able to get relief from the pain in very little time. The cream may need to be appointed to the affected area several times per day to keep the pain at bay.

Pain Relief

How to Apply

Always wash and dry the skin well before applying the cream. Apply a thick layer of it, but don’t rub it into the skin. Never apply it to broken skin with any type of open sores. Wash your hands before and after applying the cream. Avoid scratching or rubbing areas where the skin is irritated so the cream can help it to heal.

This product should only be applied as directed. Don’t use it more than recommended on the product you purchase. If the problem gets worse or the cream doesn’t seem to be helping, you need to let your doctor know. You may need something more advanced to help reduce the pain and aid the healing of the skin around needle insertion areas.

Doctor’s Approval

Don’t use this product without the approval of your doctor. If you are allergic to certain medications or have certain blood disorders, you can’t use it. This product may not interact well with other medications or herbal products, so let your doctor know what you are taking. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t use it.

If you notice any burning sensation when you apply the cream, you may have an allergic reaction to it. If you notice swelling around the applied site, it can be a sign of infection or allergy. Seek immediate medical attention and don’t continue using the product until you see a doctor.