Having bunions can be really stressful and taxing because It causes a huge amount of difficulty in walking and wearing certain types of shoes. There are also times when bunions cause people to be ashamed of their feet because of its unpleasant look. However, there are some ways to deal with this.

Today, surgeons have found a way to shave bunions through surgery. This process includes breaking the metatarsal (toe bone) bone to correct the alignment. There have been many success stories of bunion surgery in Singapore but some people are still hesitant to undergo in the procedure. Some are still weighing the pros and cons before making their final choice.

The surgery also involves tightening of ligaments inside so tension on the ligaments directs the toe on the right direction. Doctors would tell you that if you have them, then you surgery is an excellent way to get rid of it. For the skeptics out there, here is a list of pros and cons of bunion surgery in Singapore to help you with your decision.


  1. It relieves pain. Many patients who have undergone bunion surgery says that it is the ultimate pain relief.
  2. It helps increase physical activity.
  3. It is a road to good-looking feet, which aids in self confidence.
  4. Patients experience comfort and relief after the surgery.
  5. Surgery offers very efficient and safe results over any other treatment options, especially when in the hands of a competent surgeon.
  6. It gets patients’ lives back on track. After bunion surgery, there’s no more pain, discomfort, and physical deformities. Bunion surgery is simply the solution to your problem.


As with anything, there are a few setbacks. These include:

  1. There will be pain after during healing.
  2. Some tend to recur after a few years.
  3. Surgery can cause difficulty in walking especially the recovery period.
  4. Surgery may limit the styles of shoes you wear.
  5. Surgery may cause infection or numbness of toes.
  6. There is still a small margin of error.

If you have bunions, it is up to you to decide where you want surgery or not. Consider these pros and cons and start making an informed decision. If you have decided to go for it, call your doctor and make sure to explore all your options.