One of the most common doubts expressed by hip replacement patients is about the process and time of recovery. There is no specific answer as the situation of every individual varies from one another. But generally it takes 3 to 6 months for a patient to become more or less normal.

 Before surgery, one must make arrangements for meeting cost of total hip replacement surgery in India, so that your recovery period is smooth .Mostly doctors differentiate between two time periods for the recovery process from hip-replacement surgery: long term and short term.


It consists of the early stages of recovery like ability to move out of hospital bed and get discharge from hospital. On the first two days, patients are provided with walkers to help to move about. By the third day of surgery, most patients can go back home. This recovery period also implies weaning away from pain killers and a full night of sleeping without pills. When a patient no longer requires a walking aid and can move about the home without feeling pain, and even walk two blocks next to the house- all indicate short term recovery. The average time period for short term recovery is 10 to 12 weeks. This a period in which pain medication is replaced by simple over the counter medication.


It involves total healing of soft tissue and surgical wounds. This is also a stage where patient can return to work and to normal routines of life. Another indicator of full time recovery is when patient feels normal once again. It takes around 6 months for long term recovery on an average for hip replacement patients. Also full term recovery as per many surgeons is when current status has been enhanced much beyond the pre-surgical pain level.

Many factors impinge on recovery from hip-replacement. A positive attitude is one such factor.  Patients must prepare themselves mentally for facing some pain and hard work and believe that the future is going to be rosy. The crucial need is to have access to all relevant information about the surgery and the help of a strong network of support.

One must make some preliminary preparations for post surgery needs so that you can heal faster and better. Prepare your home for recovery like equipping with assistive devices like reachers, raised toilet seats, and walking aids. De-clutter home by removing rugs and electric cords over which you can trip and fall. Stock up on grocery and freeze ready to eat meals. Also arrange for someone to drive you home after hospital stay and stay with you for a few weeks, assisting you with chores and errands.

Generally patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery recover at a quicker pace compared to knee replacement patients. But recovery varies much among different patients. 6 to 8 months will be taken by some patients while more time may be needed by some others.


It is a crucial part of the recovery process. For smooth recovery, pre-operative education must be relied upon for techniques of pain management. This can be easy to follow as per the tasks: rest, ice, elevate and consume medicines regularly. Some patients face the phobia about pain medication and harm themselves by not taking medicines regularly.

Patients need to understand that they can approach their GP (General Practitioner) and the surgeon for issues of pain management. If any drug is not working, you must inform your doctors immediately.

These are some aspects about recovering from total hip replacement surgery. Total hip replacement surgery cost in india is low and so attracts medical tourists from all over the world.