When you begin to notice a widening bald spot in your hair, it can be difficult to get over the host of emotions that can crowd the mind. However, you are not as alone in this as you think because 85% of men will begin seeing serious hair loss by the age of 50, while 40% of women will experience hair loss by 40. If you fear that your own loss may only be on the first step of the process, you could potentially correct the loss in a permanent way with a transplant.


Compared to many other aesthetic changes that you could make to your body, hair transplants are completely safe and require little to no downtime after the procedure. In fact, there is currently no risk associated with the use of transplant surgeries, which is not true of even the simplest of other procedures. This is because you do not need to be put to sleep to have the transplant performed, with only a mild sedation necessary for the entire procedure.

The fact that you can have the transplant done while completely awake and in only a few hours’ time means that you can build your schedule around the procedure. With any surgery requiring that you be put to sleep using sedation, the risk of potentially fatal side effects during the procedure is higher. However, the risk is reduced to nearly zero when you choose to have a hair transplant because it is completely not necessary.


It can take weeks to recover from a serious or complex aesthetic procedure such as dental implants, which are notorious for taking up to six weeks for full recovery. Modern hair transplant procedures use new and improved technology to provide real, beautiful hair to areas that had lost it without leaving so much as a scar. This, compared to older methods, is not only safer and more convenient but you will see your recovery time reduced to just one day.

After the implant, you will experience some very few symptoms, such as sensitivity at the procedure site. However, the procedure is relatively free of any discomfort and you will be discharged quite soon after the surgery. In fact, you are able to resume work and your typical daily activities as soon as the very next day.


Hair transplant procedures are completely painless because you are given a local anaesthetic designed to numb your skin to the procedure. During the transplant, exceptionally small needle-like instruments are utilised to perform the job, which would cause minimal to no pain whatsoever even without the numbing medication. By doing this for all patients, professionals can provide beautiful results while you relax and just wait for the procedure to be completed.

Travelling for the Procedure

Thousands travel for a hair transplant in Turkey because the cost of the procedure is dramatically lower than the cost in Europe and America. In fact, the cost of airfare and accommodations in addition to the procedure can still add up to significantly less. Fortunately, you do not sacrifice quality in any way by choosing to pay less for it as nearly all medical procedures in Turkey are more affordable compared to western countries.


Similar to dental implants, a restorative cosmetic surgery designed to permanently replace lost teeth, hair transplants will completely and permanently replace your lost hair. This is 100% natural hair that will grow and otherwise act the exact same way that your other natural hair acts on a daily basis. This is hair that you can style, dye, cut, and love for years after the procedure without the frustration of seeing it lost again or more procedures later on.

No Side Effects

Unlike other hair loss treatments such as drugs, transplants have none of the associated side effects and can be enjoyed immediately rather than over many weeks. This completely safe procedure will cause no harm to your body, not even your scalp, where the procedure is performed. In fact, you should see a significant boost to your vitality because your new, natural hair will take years off your appearance and help you feel more confident without any side effects.


Many men and women choose implants because they can significantly increase confidence moving forward. After hair loss begins, it can progress rapidly, leaving a man or woman with severe hair loss in a matter of weeks or months and this can cause an equally rapid loss in self-esteem. You deserve the chance to feel more like yourself without having to resort to costly drugs, creams, and other less permanent solutions.

With increased confidence, you could give yourself the chance to stand out from a group of others looking to get an important career opportunity. Job opportunities are not as common as they once were, which can put a lot of stress on people currently searching for careers on which they can build families. Not only can a transplant increase your confidence but it could indirectly give you a better chance of being chosen and given a job offer.


Hair transplants have significantly increased in quality and results over time and you can now receive beautiful, natural hair that is everything that your old hair once was. This could restore your hairline, remove years from your face, or even give you the opportunity to try something new with your hair. The permanent nature of this procedure will allow you to enjoy everything you love about the natural hair remaining on your head and it could very well give you the confidence to try a new, wild look that was previously impossible.


Hair transplants are exceptionally cost-effective if you visit Turkey for the procedure, which can allow you to see beautiful results without emptying your wallet. This could not only allow you to avoid months of taking costly pills but you could see more results after a few hours than you might ever see with other methods. This type of highly effective and immediate result is why so many people prefer having a transplant over older, less effective methods.