In this era when people are so much curious about their health, so they often want to find the amount of energy they have spent in a day. The total daily energy expenditure or TDEE is the measurement of the amount of total calories, which are burned due to the different activities in a day by the human body. Here it is assumed that 100% of the BEE or Basal energy expenditure is for strenuous activity while 50% and 30% BEE is for moderate or sedentary activities respectively.

Sometimes people feel confused between the term BMR and TDEE. BMR or basal metabolic rate only includes the amount calorie which is used by you when you are not sleeping, but you are at rest. But during the calculation of TDEE, BMR is taken along with the energy expenditure during your sleep. So basically TDEE is the energy consumption of your body in a whole day. So if you want to increase your weight, then you have to consume more energy than the TDEE. If you want to calculate TDEE, then tdee calculator found on gymjunkies can help you a lot.

How TDEE Is Calculated

The measurement of the TDEE can help you a lot during your workout session because from this you can be able to know that how much calorie you have already burned and how many calories you have to burn. Though the BMR is the measurement of the energy expenditure at rest so here, you have to adjust the number because of your different activities and in most of the cases, this BMR is multiplied by the activity factor. Again, this can also be very helpful in the inactive days also and in those cases, the activity multiplier will be near to one.

Benefits Of TDEE For Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, then this Tdee calculator found on gymjunkies can help you a lot as here you should be able to calculate the total amount of energy you have spent during your exercises and again you have to consume fewer calories than that. So when you consume fewer amounts of calories than the TDEE, then your fat will be used as the fuel during the exercises. So here you can tally the full results easily by comparing the energy expenditure with the calorie intake.

Basically, without knowing the value of TDEE, it is very difficult to assume the amount of calorie intake which should be consumed to burn our body fat. Here if your calorie intake is equal to the energy expenditure, then you will not see any result after getting the proper physique you have to maintain that calorie intake to preserve your muscles. The amount of calorie which should be taken by you must be 15% to 20% less than the total daily energy expenditure. But if your consumption is lesser than 25%, then you will feel very hungry and sometimes this can cause severe problems also. Here you have to include 0.8–1gm of protein per pound of lean body mass. Again the fat should be 0.3-0.4gm per pound, and the remaining part should be filled with carbohydrates.