When individuals are put into an isolation tank, the structure of the sentence and the way it is delivered (sensory deprivation) may sound as though it is definitely not going to bring about good health, but it does! An isolation tank basically locks the individuals from the outside world temporarily as they usually do not hear any sound, they smell nothing, they see nothing, and are not able to tell temperature difference.

This creates a similar environment of a child in the mother womb. The Epsom salt solution is adjusted to our own body heat in order to prevent our skin from being able to detect the parts of our body which is above or below the waterline whilst in the tank. The high content of Epsom salt also increases the level of salinity in the water which is critical towards keeping the individual afloat at all times which is a bit similar to how astronauts feel when they are in space without the presence of gravity.

The entire concept of isolation tanks for therapy is basically about shielding our sensor from external stimuli which basically allows the mind to rest. It is due to this reason that those who take the therapy are left in a deep and relaxed state of mind. The access raw mental processing power which is then available (because it is not busy contending with input from our sensory elements) releases or rather allows the left-over brain power which is significant to work its wonders internally.

Repeatedly researchers have observed that after each therapy individuals of floatation therapy possess an increased level of concentration, creativity, and immune system apart from having a higher level of dopamine and endorphins in their system which helps them to better manage stress. Apart from the above mentioned, other benefits from a health perspective that may be derived from floatation therapy includes the following:

  1. Reprieve from Chronic Headaches
  2. Alleviation from pain from ailments such as gout, arthritis, PMS issues and back problems
  3. Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  4. Enhanced healing periods
  5. Heightened awareness
  6. Increased tolerance to pain

The best thing about floatation therapy is the fact that the treatment is affordable in most places (depends on the level of service that is provided by the centre) and the therapy delivers 10 out of 10 times. The treatment is effective for practically anybody and everybody and it is certainly a heavenly gift for those who do not like or tolerate chemically induced health.

There is no doubt that floatation therapy one of the few affordable methods that are currently available on a commercial scale that people from every walk of life are able to engage towards a better and healthier life without burning a hole in their pockets. The treatment particularly works best with athletes, pregnant women, those with PMS issues, individuals who are often faced with high stress situations.

The fact that floatation therapy is cheaper than visiting doctors is another bonus which is also among the reasons as to why the therapy has become as popular as it is currently.