The fitness industry is booming with more and more people realizing how important keeping fit and healthy is to longevity. We all want to live a long and prosperous life and enjoy the best life we possibility can.

What we consume and how we consume it makes a huge difference and with more and more information available to us with the advances in technology, it is easier to ensure that we are on the right track… if we choose to, of course.

The emergence, or more so, advances of technology, especially with the likes of Facebook and Instagram have inundated us with fitness pictures of people from all over the world looking in great shape. For the most of us, this can really play as influence (if we choose it to) and help us set goals to embark on our own fitness journey. For further inspiration and guidance on beginning or enhancing your fitness journey, you might want to explore

We now have access to so much information including what foods would be best to eat, the types of diets which might suit our needs, training programs to match specific goals and objectives, and which exercises will best help us with our workout.

With all these advances, it’s only fair that other areas that could help us be more efficient with our training are bettered. This is where Smart Blend comes in…

I would bet that nine times out of ten, most people would finish their workout, grab their bag and pull out what can only be described as a shaker bottle. Mostly transparent, some with color. We proceed to enter the protein powder, followed by water, then vigorously shake it until the contents have been blended together. Albeit with some hard work with our hands.

Why not instead of enduring the rigorous shaking post-gym, you pull out your Smart Blend portable blender, add the ingredients in, fill with water, secure the lid, then instead of shaking manually, all you then do is press the button located on the front of the blender and watch it do the hard work. One minute later, your shake is ready to go. Please note, mid shake you might need to tilt the blender to ensure it captures all ingredients and can blend them properly. Sometimes it is even worth turning 180 degrees to ensure this is the case.

Smart Blend comes in five different colors – black, blue, green, purple and pink, which means you can choose a color that best matches you. This way you can add some real color to your post-gym routine instead of relying on that bland looking shaker.

The blender itself is has a capacity of 380 ml, so be sure that you do not overfill the blender for best results. Powered by 150 watts and with a battery of 3.7 volts, the output really is something else, given the size of Smart Blend.

When loaded, the blender can output 15,000 RPMs to ensure the ingredients are chopped up finely for you to consume.

Each charge will last approx. 10-12 uses, although for best results, and depending on what is being blended, it might be worth recharging after each use. In order to charge Smart Blend, all you need is a USB port. Gone are the days of needing plugs attached to appliances. The USB cable is included, so as long as you have somewhere to plug it in, you’re good to go. You can also charge your portable blender with a power bank if you have one.

But Smart Blend don’t just stop there, they want to cover all bases and even include a sponge cleaner that can easily be assembled and stored.

It’s safe to say that this blender from Smart Blend is a quality alternative to that of the traditional shaker bottle. It’s not only efficient, it’s extremely trendy and will look good anywhere with the color it emits.

Smart Blend are 100% Australian owned and ensure quality on all products. They offer free shipping Australia wide. International shipping is however subject to charges. If within the first 30 days you’re not satisfied with your blender, they are willing to offer you a money-back guarantee, leaving you to purchase in confidence. Each blender also comes with a 3 month product guarantee, therefore if you experience any issues with your blender in that period (after the 30 day money-back guarantee has ended), Smart Blend with send you a new blender absolutely free – subject to T&Cs).

The question is… do you have your Smart Blend already?? If not, then head over to the website and purchase yours now. You’ll be happy you did.