Hormones are essential for healthy functioning of the body. Age and certain health conditions can imbalance the level of hormone, which might cause a deleterious effect on your body. Certain medications or supplements can be taken to maintain this level of hormone. One of the most popular hormone supplements that can be used is DHEA. Adrenal glands are situated about the Kidneys, and they produce a hormone called as DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). These supplements can be prepared from soy or wild yam. DHEA production is highest in the mid-20s but it gradually decreases with age. Production of testosterone and estrogen also declines with age, and hence in this condition, DHEA supplements can be used to increase the level of these Hormones. A DHEA supplement helps in Improving mood and memory, making the immune system strong, making one active by providing energy, and building up bone and muscle strength etc. Lower DHEA levels have been associated with various diseases such as depression, heart disease, and mortality and hence it becomes essential to take this hormone supplement.

Here are some benefits of the DHEA

1)  DHEA fight’s against depression

Symptoms of depression can be improved by taking this supplement. It can aid in treating mild depressions. Individuals those who do not respond to mild treatment can take the supplement for improving their condition.

2)  Improvement in sexual function

DHEA supplement affects the male and female hormones which in turn affect the sexual function. The function of the ovaries can be improved, and it also aids in improving the fertility problems faced by women. DHEA helps in increasing Testosterone and estrogen production that declines due to age. DHEA supplements may increase libido and sexual function in both women and men.


3)  For anti-aging purpose

DHEA level falls gradually with age, and providing DHEA supplements might help fight to age by supplementing the body’s falling level of the hormones. It helps in slowing down the natural changes in the body that come with age.

4)  DHEA can have value in treating the conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, low bone density, Infertility, Rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease.

Sometimes athletes also use this DHEA supplements to improve the muscle strength and enhance athletic performance.