Things To Be Sure Of Before Knowing Gastric Band Costs

Gastric band surgeries are recommended by doctors for treating obesity. These treatments are also termed as bariatric surgeries. So, if you are wondering about if Gastric band costs are suitable for your pockets, read along the blog to be more informed:

How Gastric Band Works

This bariatric surgery includes tying a silicone band in the upper part of your stomach. With this, it lowers the quantity of food you eat. The upper half makes you feel full. This type of treatment is primarily approved by FDA. Further, a tube is tied to the Gastric band. Through this, the surgeon will inject a saline solution. The purpose is to inflate the band.


Doctors put you, the patient, under anaesthesia while performing the surgery. This process finishes from thirty to sixty minutes. Surgeons perform keyhole incisions by small cuts in your abdomen.

The laparoscope, a longer but thin tube with a camera is used during this surgery for insights and insertions.

Surgeons strictly prohibit a patient from eating anything starting from midnight prior to the day of the surgery until it is over. However, Gastric band costs are really worth it for those who are suffering from obesity for a long time and can not control their eating habits. The treatment does not stop when you walk out the door, however. Ongoing support is available via Skype and telephone contact continues as you lose weight.

Who Can Go Under This Surgery?

Generally, it has been recommended that your body mass index should have been above 35 at least. Those who had less body mass index—about 30 to 34.9—faced health complications and greater risks during the Gastric band surgery.

Though, with advancements in the medical field, now the average count of body mass index can be from 30 to 35.

But such bariatric surgeries are only prescribed when the non-surgical treatments have failed, or the complications related to obesity are tougher for normal medicines to tackle and reduce.

Who Cannot Go Under This Surgery?

If you are a drug or alcohol abuser or have gone through a psychiatric dysfunction recently, then surgeons do not recommend it as an immediate source of reducing obesity.

Other than that, women on special medications are not advised to go through this surgery. This goes for pregnant women as well.

Common Risks Involved

For some patients, even after the surgery, weight loss may be slower. It is recommended that even with Gastric band costs that might be in your favour, do not expect becoming slim and trim within a day or two.

At the last, keeping the risks aside, major benefits of Gastric bands are that they do promise a steady and speedy recovery from obesity. There is also no loss to your nutrition absorption processes. In fact, it increases the chance of leading a healthier life ahead