If you ask for advice from any person on weight losing techniques, the answer will be, scale down on your food intake and hit the gym.’ This advice may seem simple to stick to, and many people take it literally for their weight loss journey. For those who have been successful in this journey, they will tell you it takes more than just scaling down on the diet and regular workouts. It takes more than that to burn calories and get your dream fit body that everyone admires. The following are three most common dieting mistakes that most people make.

1. Failure to account for all calories in your meals. Most people think that the main dishes are the only sources of calories in their bodies. Such people fail to consider drinks and snacks they take on a regular basis. Snacks attack can happen to you in the office or when walking on the streets and as a result adds calories to your body. Research indicates that a 16-ounce drink like Starbucks Hot Chocolate has about 370 calories. A 12 ounces’ orange juice also comes with 190 calories which show that you should consider even the natural diets. You can use a calorie tracking app to keep track of the calorie levels in your body every time you take snacks and drinks.

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2. Skipping meals and taking weekends off. Dieting should be a continuous exercise for you to realize your desired results in real-time. It takes discipline and persistence to stick to a regular workout program and omit some meals entirely from the timetable. When your fitness coach tells you that you should eat less, he does not mean that you skip a meal. Make sure you take all your meals but in the recommended proportions so as to hit your goals. Skipping a meal can make you eat larger portions later in the day which also affects the calories intake. Most people take a cheat day every week to satisfy their craving for pizza and donut and other foods that have high levels of fat. On such a day, some people consume large portions of these foods which take them back to square one of the fitness journey.

3. Sticking to the same diet and workout routine every day. Performing the same exercises day-in-day-out can get boring. If you hit the gym, try different activities to make the experience more enjoyable. Take that morning jog and trust Sawaya Law to represent you for injuries that you may sustain during the run or any other exercise. Restricting yourself to certain foods is almost impossible and can lead to boredom in the long-term. You need to understand what your body needs and switch various foods for optimal results. For instance, identify different proteins that your body requires and use them interchangeably. You can do the same on carbohydrates, oils, and vitamins as well.

Dieting requires hard work, sacrifice, and persistence. You need to understand your body requirements as this varies from one person to the other. Pay close attention to small things that most people ignore such as liquids and snacks because they can affect your fitness journey adversely.