Massage Therapy

Many people do not consider massage therapy as a viable means of alleviating chronic pain. The truth is injury massage therapy can effectively get rid of chronic pain or help tremendously to manage it. At its core, massage therapy strokes, rubs and kneads muscles to enhance blood circulation or blood flow.

This action enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen while eliminating waste and acids that may have accumulated. This is basically how massage therapy helps to relieve chronic pain. There are a few types of therapies that have proven particularly effective in treating or managing back pain.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This massage is one of the most recognizable types of therapy and focuses on deep relaxation. Swedish massage is equally effective in releasing cramped muscles. There are a few types under this category namely;


This massage involves rhythmic and light drumming or tapping. It may be used to energize or relax depending on the level of pressure applied and the speed of the tapping or drumming.


This technique relies on long and sweeping strokes which begin at the top of the affected muscle and make their way to the bottom.


This type of massage is used to release cramped muscles. It requires the therapist to apply deep pressure to the affected muscles.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger point massage compares closely to the Swedish massage although it goes much deeper into the muscle. The massage is concerned with finding trigger points in the muscle, meaning the specific spot in a muscle that holds tension. Once the point is identified, the therapist works to release this tension. Trigger points are associated with various parts of the body. Tension on a trigger point can easily cause pain in a seemingly unrelated part. For example, the trigger point that causes migraines is located in the neck.

Craniosacral Massage Therapy

This type of injury massage therapy allows cerebrospinal fluid to flow properly in the spinal chord and the brain. The massage is very light and gentle. Pain relief is experienced once the restrictions and physical imbalances are released from the muscles.

Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Just like the trigger point massage, the Myofascial release therapy is also eared towards finding and releasing trigger points. This therapy encompasses the whole body because the fascia covers all the body’s muscles. The fascia connects all the different muscles together and is actually a thin layer of tissue. Trigger points are easy to identify because the fascia is pliable in ordinary circumstances. The therapist does a full body massage noting areas or spots that feel tense or tight.


It is necessary to go to a trained and certified therapist. There is always the risk of making your injury worse when dealing with untrained or amateur masseuse. A little due diligence will go a long way in finding a massage therapist that can help alleviate or manage your chronic pain.

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