So are you being bullied because of those sagging skin surrounding your eyes? Just in case you are living under the sea or inside the cave, our eyes are the most important part of the body and it is a must to practice optimal care, including from eye bags. Of course, you don’t want to have those annoying eye bags, right? Sadly, they are unavoidable. So if you don’t want to look so old because of those drooping eyelids, you might want to consider undergoing the surgeon’s blade. This procedure is called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

At this moment, you might be planning to undergo eyelid surgery in order to remove those sagging eyelid. Not only will it improve your appearance but it will also leave you a refreshed and energised look. However, before the surgery, there are lots of ways to prepare. It is not enough that you know how much does upper eyelid surgery cost. For a safe and successful operation, here are tips you need to follow.

no smoking

Avoid those butts. You might have known that cigarettes are very detrimental to our body, and also to the skin. Deduct the risk of lung cancer and heart problems, cigarette can also increase the chance of successful eyelid surgery. For sure, your surgeon would suggest you to break off from those butts before the surgery.

Opt for pre-consultation. If you have sagging eyelids, fret not because they are still manageable, at least if they are addressed promptly inside the surgery room. However, it is very important that you have an initial consultation with your surgeon. By using specialised machines, eyelid doctors have an unparalleled knowledge about your condition so he can recommend you the best option. Say for instance, he might suggest you to undergo traditional or laser surgery.

Eating blueberries can help. Eating blueberries can be of great help before the operation. Why? They have anti-oxidants that can improve the overall health of the skin. Also, blueberry can help prevent the risk of eye problems such as macular degeneration and even total blindness. Being healthy can speed up eye bag removal surgery recovery time.

Make sure that your eyelid is always moist. People who suffer from severe drooping eyelids should have to keep their eyes moist all the time. Moisturising drops can do the task of maintaining the moist of the skin around the most important part of your body.

Take multivitamins. Coupe healthy diet with multi vitamins and you will have an increased chance of eyelid surgery. There are a lot of supplements are meant to help you prevent the risk of eyelid problems. To make sure that your eyes are in good condition all of the time, talk to your surgeon about the right vitamins.


Exercise. It is very important to allot time for exercise. Regular exercise can lessen the intraocular pressure or the fluid pressure that is exerted around your eyes. Elevated pressure is one of the reasons of having eyelid problems.

Rest. Give yourself a good treat during night time. With a good night sleep, you can make sure that your eyes can recover from the strains caused by a busy day.

Eyes are the most essential parts of the body thus they demand maximum care. If you want to have good vision and refreshed look, you need to have those drooping eyelids removed by a professional surgeon in Sydney. But before the surgery, make sure to follow the tips above.