Now you do not have to worry if you have ‘not so good teeth’ as per society’s standards as cosmetic dentistry is there to correct and enhance the appearance of your teeth. It helps in maintaining the health, function and the whole look of the patient’s teeth.

What İs Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry

is that branch of dentistry which aims to provide a positive change in the appearance of your teeth. Many types of imperfections in the teeth structure are being corrected by cosmetic dentistry. Dentists go for this treatment when the patient has a teeth health problem or he is not happy with his smile. It is a very popular treatment. You can check cosmetic dentistry before and after pictures of many patients over the Internet to check the results.

Its Major types

  • Inlay and only is a type where indirect filling in tooth/teeth is done when the dentist notices mild decay in them.
  • Dental veneers are a treatment where ceramic made medical-grades are used to correct the problems like the gap between teeth, damaged enamel, crooked teeth etc.
  • Teeth whitening is a type of cosmetic dentistry which is used to remove the yellow color of the teeth.

Other information

Many people want to undergo cosmetic dentistry but do not know about cosmetic dentistry prices. Well, cosmetic dentistry prices are little high but they have near to permanent results. For dental veneers, you may have to pay between $900-$2500 per veneer depending on the quality. The teeth whitening cost may range from $500-$600. A dental implant is another type where you have to pay $300 to $2500 per implant. All these cosmetic dentistry prices vary from clinic to clinic.

If you are worried whether it works or not then you can see various cosmetic dentistry before and after results over the Internet. This treatment has a very high success rate and promising results. However, you should have a detailed discussion with your dentist about your expectations from the treatment. You can also ask him cosmetic dentistry before and after pictures of various patients treated in his clinic to have a clear idea.